Woodland Rec. Dept. Offers Many Programs

By Kaileigh Deacon


For a lot of small towns, there is a limited number of things that kids can do in their free time. This is where local Recreation Departments come in. The Woodland Recreation Department is headquartered in the Town Office building and runs programs throughout the year. 

For some towns, like Calais, the Recreation Department have their own facilities that allow them to run a variety of programs in addition to the programs that schools offer. Unfortunately, the Woodland Recreation Department doesn’t have separate facilities from what the schools use and so the scheduling of programs becomes problematic at times. However, Recreation Departments aim to provide a variety of programs for all ages and Woodland Recreation is no exception. While space and scheduling have been an issue for the program, they still manage to work something out for the kids. 

“The rec. program is great for kids because they don’t have to be talented; it’s for fun,” said Mike Boies, Woodland Recreation Director of thirty-two years.

The Woodland Recreation Department does have more than just sports programs for kids. They also offer enrichment programs such as hunters’ safety courses, babysitter courses and ATV safety courses. The department also partnered with Healthy Acadia to offer a program for parents to recognize signs of drug use in teens. 

The Recreation Department offers a few limited programs that include adults. They offer a karate program, an exercise aerobics program, and a Women’s Volleyball League in the spring. Unfortunately, with limited space, it is difficult to come up with the space and time to schedule more programs for adults. “We have limited availability to offer adult programs, the kids come first,” Director Boies said. 

In addition to offering a variety of sports and other activities during the summer, the Recreation Department holds a summer camp every year. The camp is held at the Woodland Elementary School with trips to Pleasant Lake for swimming as well as other field trips. For some kids this is the only camp they will get to in the summer and so the staff make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. The camp has also provided many teenagers over the years with their first job. They learn responsibility, punctuality, accountability and leadership all while having fun and mentoring younger kids. 

Beyond the summer camp and sports, the Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining all of the sports fields and parks in town. Over the last few years the park on Main Street has seen some changes making the park more inviting and open to families. “I love to see the kids out on the fields and on the courts,” Director Boies said. 

So while they may have their challenges, the Woodland Recreation Department still manages to provide a great place for kids to spend time and burn off some energy. Helping to keep kids active and involved requires a lot of help. Director Boies works with the schools and Athletic Director John Rogers to keep schedules in sync, but there’s always room for more help. Volunteers are always needed. A just a love of sharing knowledge and helping kids learn basic skills is the only requirement. The recreation program provides so much more than just a way for kids to play sports, it also gives parents time to spend with their kids either as volunteer coaches or sitting in the stands watching them play. 

For more information about the Woodland Recreation Department you can visit their Facebook page or call Director Mike Boies at 427-6205.