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Cassie Oakes


For all the folks from away that read this, if you were in the path of Hurricane Harvey and are still recovering and if you have had to deal with Hurricane Irma please know that the folks here in Alexander and the surrounding areas are thinking of you and your families so many of us have family and friends in both of those hurricanes’ paths.

Now on to the local news.

John Dudley was at the Deeds’ Office in Machias researching for Alexander Tax Map Information on lots 6, 7 and 19.  On Thursday morning he and Allen McLellan worked on Pine Tree Shore properties and hope their updated map fits the land.  Phil McVicar helped on one area.

On Friday Marie and John enjoyed supper at Miguel’s in Bangor with John’s family who live in that area.  And on Saturday they went to the 63rd Annual Tree Farm Day in Milford.  The Tree Farmers of 2017 are Pam and Brian Wells. Their Tree Farm is 1000 acres of forest land that has been heavily cut over the past 30 years.  That amount of land is far too large for two individuals to improve by themselves, so they have F. Maddens’ Company doing the job with machines.  It was interesting to watch this operation Tony Madden used a drone to see what each machine operator was doing and his son Derek answered the many questions they had.  John worked parts of six days on his tree farm this past week.  What did you do this past week?

The Woodland High School 2017-2018 Soccer Season is upon us with lots of local students participating.  From Alexander is Lani Lawless, the daughter of Vance Lawless and granddaughter of Bill and Beverley Lawless also of Alexander. Danielle Poole, the daughter of Cheryl and Burton Poole and granddaughter of Ed “Crash” and Belinda Burgess also from Alexander.  Sisters Faith and Anna Johnson who reside in Alexander and are the daughters of Paula and Mark Johnson play soccer for WHS. Dana Howland, the daughter of Gary and Bethany Howland also of Alexander is also playing Soccer for WHS.  From Cooper is Willow Newman, daughter of Michelle and David McVicar Jr. and granddaughter of Elizabeth McVicar and from Crawford is Josie Alltop, daughter of Laurie Gard. Both of these girls are former AES students and are now Woodland Dragons.

The Washington County Pomona Grange met at the Alexander Grange on Tuesday, September 5th for their regular monthly meeting.  The evening began at 6:00 p.m. with a cook-out of hotdogs and hamburgers, by Chef Lenny Hanson.  The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with nine Pomona members in attendance.  Each grange in attendance had the opportunity to share what they were up to along with regular Pomona business being discussed.  The Lecturer’s Program consisted of trivia, riddles, jokes and stories.  Pomona asked that Alexander do a Joint Installation of Officers Ceremony with other granges and Pomona, time and date to be set.  

The Alexander Grange met on Wednesday, September 6th for their regular meeting.  During the evening Lenny Hanson asked and received permission to use the Grange for Safety Courses for hunting, boating, ATV and other classes as they become available.  Times and dates to be announced.  Lenny also announced that there will be a Cribbage Night at the grange on September 23rd beginning at 6:30 p.m.  There will be no charge. Snack will be pot luck so bring something to share and if you have an extra cribbage board or a deck of cards bring them along also. For more information about the cribbage night please contact Lenny at 454-8733.

Other discussions during the evening included gardening and the harvest and the Food Sovereignty State Law that is being challenged. Lenny and Debbie Hanson gave a report on a class that they had just taken on sustainable for profit farming, sharing some of the information they received. Debbie Hanson reported that there will be a free Laundry Detergent Making Workshop to be held on Saturday, October 7th at 9:00 a.m., which will be open to the public.  It was agreed that Alexander Grange would host a Joint Installation with local Granges and Washington County Pomona at their next meeting on Wednesday, September 20th with a Pot Luck Supper at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m.  During the Lecturer’s Program there was discussion about pets, some trivia was shared along with some entertaining stories by some of the grangers. The meeting ended with refreshments and conversation.

Don’t forget that there will be a Dan Schall Concert taking place at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville on Thursday, September 14th at 6:30 p.m.  A love offering will be taken and light refreshments will be held afterwards.

Good thoughts are being sent out to Judy Lincoln Murray, Charlie White, Elwin Daley, Linda Richardson, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Avis McIntyre, Carl Perkins, Joan Dodge, Lois Faloon, Mike and Marilyn Trafton, and Ron McArthur.

Upcoming birthday wishes go out to Betty Smith, Diamond Morris, Ruth Sousa, Linda Wallace, Sandy Lyon, Faith Johnson, Donna Timpe, Debra Malloch, Steve Clark, Yvonne Morrell, Brittany Hood, Mary White, Cory Farrands, Andrzej Korasadowicz, Ronnie Davis and Katrina Ayer.

Anniversary wishes go to Larry and Emma Hill, Mike and Marilyn Trafton, Wayne and Debbie Ayers and Jon and Carol Snyder Folsom.  

This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Linda Wallace.  Do you want to know how to be a Lucky Loser?  Stop at Randy’s and check it out.  Randy’s Variety has tagged 10 bear so far this hunting season.

This week was a short one at FBC due to Monday being Labor Day.  While at program this week I listened to music. We got a nice surprise when we learned Machias Savings Bank will be embroidering jackets and overnight bags for the Beckett Bombers Basketball Team winning a Gold Medal at the Basketball Tournament in March in Orono.  We  had spaghetti and rolls to end the fantastic week. 

Other excitement this week was about a flying tire.  I didn’t know a tire could be so dangerous.  It came flying off a vehicle coming down Rte 9. It flew through the air,  hit and destroyed our family’s swing set (I think my nephews will be very sad about this) then went on to hit the house with enough force that it broke a couple of shingles and cracked the sheetrock in my bedroom.  Mom told me that about 30 years ago a manhole broke loose from a tractor trailer, rolled across the store driveway, went through our fence and stopped just in front of our front door.  Even odder about that day is that my brother had been picked up for school a few minutes earlier and the manhole rolled where he would have been standing. There used to be a telephone pole there.  Guess my family is lucky that no one was hurt either time.

If you have any news you can email me at, message me on facebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Thank you to all of those who support me and this column. Until next time, stay safe.