Building the Future Through Individual Stories


What is it that brings a community together? What builds the connections between us and fosters them to become a steady source of strength? In contemplating this question, it seems that there are both good events and bad events that can act as catalysts for connection. Sometimes it is joy or creativity that unites us in common efforts, and sometimes it is despair. Sometimes a war compels us to fight together in solidarity, and sometimes it is the ending of that war that brings us home to reunite with our loved ones. The constant element between these situations is that they involve multiple people with individual stories, merging their lives together.

In the modern era, we are gifted with new methods of enhancing our connectivity with one another. Even in our relatively massive geographical area of Eastern Washington County with its sparse population, our communities have become extended networks of one another through the use of social media. 

Via technology, we can present our own stories in novel ways – becoming the facilitator of our own personal narrative and sharing what we explicitly want to share with our potentially global audiences. Most of the time, it is our friends and family members and friends-of-friends that will wind up perusing our online posts, and in that fashion, our physical community becomes closer still. 


With every event, post, and discussion that we share, good and bad, our collective story becomes broadened by the ensuing connections. Together, we are each the authors of our community’s story and all of the potential it represents as a foundation for the future. If we are curious as to what tomorrow will bring, we need only consider the kind of stories that have gone into its construction.   

Lura Jackson, Editor