Calais Recreation Ladies’ Softball

Pictured is the Calais Recreation Ladies’ softball champion team Pretty & Tough. Members include front l-r: Abei Francis, Heidi Sappier, and Julia Nicholas. Back l-r: Maggie Dana, Renai Beach, Darlene Donahue, Myra Sabattus, Betty Francis, AJ Nicholas, Betty Phelps, Natalie Bassett, Reena Newell, and Breena Hood. (Submitted Photo)

Betty Phelps handles the hot grounder for the 2017 champion Pretty & Tough team. (Photo by John Rogers)

Pictured is the Calais Recreation Ladies’ softball runner-up team Knockouts. Members include: Carrie Soontiens, Mackenzie LaPointe, Wendi Charters, Tricia Farrell, Erika Morrow, Stephanie Griffin, Ivy McLellan, Katie Cavanaugh and Amber & Hannah McIver. (Photo by John Rogers)

Amber McIver makes the force out at second base. (Photo by John Rogers)