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Linda Baniszeski 


 Most of us are feeling grateful that we have very few hurricanes and tornados in our part of the world.  However, Meddybemps residents with winter homes in Florida are surely awaiting news about their properties.  After a terrible 18 months Bruce Bailey comes to mind.  We continue to think and pray about him now living in Florida, as he fights serious illness, just went through the hurricane -- all so soon after Sharon’s death and housefire in Meddybemps.  

It was nice to see Zach Orchard volunteering as a boat inspector at Meddybemps Town Dock last Sunday.  We are fortunate that Meddybemps has not been inundated by invasive plants.  Lake Meddybemps Association initiated this program a few years ago.  It is very effective and fortunately LMA members are willing to give time to this initiative that benefits all of us.  Meg Rothberg manages this program each summer.

It is sobering this week, to remember the attacks of September 11, 16 years ago.  The first attacks ever in modern times, taught us the U.S. is not as invincible as many might think.   As I write this on September 11, Governor Paul LePage is asking for flags to be flown at half staff today.

When I looked out the kitchen window first thing this morning, Barry had lowered ours on the large flag pole in our yard before he took off for the day.   We can never forget what a blessing it is not to live in a perpetual war zone like so many throughout the world.   Appreciation and prayers for all who keep us safe every day.

Other areas have floods and fires, and our woes are far less significant.  We really need rain.  If that’s our greatest problem we are, indeed, blessed.  Terry Reynolds removed the swim platform from the lake this past week, and his jet ski.  A sure sign that fall is just around the corner.  He generally keeps his pontoon boat in until October so he can take family and friends on a cruise around the lake to see the changing leaves.  It remains to be seen if we will receive enough rain to bring the lake up to safely passable levels.  Caution is greatly urged as rocks and shoals are just below the surface.

Another sign of fall is the chirping of crickets late afternoon into the early evening.  One evening, there was an annoying cricket somewhere in our living room as we watched t.v.  I mentioned to Scuffy, “why don’t you find that thing and get rid of it.”  An hour or so later as I went into the kitchen, there was Scuffy on the rug in front of the wood stove playing with some tiny object.  It was the cricket, silenced at last.  Returning with a tissue to pick it up, it was gone.  I think Scuffy ate it.  What a watch dog.  As she celebrates her 6th birthday on Tuesday the 12th, she will have her very own Frosty Paws (dog) ice cream cup with a little bit of whipped cream on top.  It is amazing how a 17 pound creature can create so many tons of joy.  

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