Square Dance Club Now Offering Free Lessons in St. Stephen

The Town and Country Squares dancing club can be seen here gathered together for a 40th year anniversary photo. The group is offering free lessons through September for beginners. (Facebook photo)

By Natalie Scott


The Town and Country Squares are a square-dancing club that have been around for almost 43 years. The group meets every Friday night, from September to May, in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Although they have been around for many years, there is always room for more people who love to dance, and the group is actively looking for new members. Even though dancing takes place in St. Stephen, members come from the United States as well.

The Town and Country Squares offer a beginner class that starts up every September. Classes start at 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Atlantic Standard Time) each week. All new dancers will be given lessons for free for the first month of classes through September. “It typically takes new dancers approximately 20 weeks to learn the dance moves and graduate as a ‘mainstream’ dancer and become a regular club member,” said Frank McCallum of the Town and Country Squares. As a club member progresses, they can move on to additional levels of dance if they choose. 

Some members of the club have been attending for many years. McCallum specifically mentioned the club caller, Terry Hebert. “He comes from Fredericton each week. He has been calling for the club for about 20 years.”

The 40-plus members in the club enjoy social evenings as well as special dances throughout the year. The Town and Country Squares hold Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas dances, as well as a live music dance in the spring. The club has begun planning a 45th year anniversary dance in the fall of 2019. The club will also be holding a closing pot luck supper when the season is over.

After the free trial period of lessons, there is a membership fee with a modest fee for each class as well. For more information about the club, call 506-456-2058.