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Laurie Pike


The Cooper town office is open for regular office hours on the first and third Thursday of the month.  I will be at the office again on September 21st and October 5th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  The new hunting law books for the upcoming hunting season have arrived if anyone needs a copy.  Please contact me with any news for the Town of Cooper column. 

It appears that the dry weather conditions may put a damper on the brightness of the fall foliage this year.  The foliage report is currently showing only spotty changes thus far with low changes in Northern Maine at thirty percent color change and leaf drop and very low changes in the rest of the State of Maine at ten percent color change and leaf drop.  You can monitor the Maine Foliage Report and get a weekly email by signing up at

Karen Holmes will be counting the number and species of hawks during the coming week from September 17th to September 24th as they migrate.  This week is known as the International Migratory Hawk Week and hawk watchers all over the world will participate in the count.  The Hawk Migration Association (HMANA) is a membership based organization for the conservation of raptors via scientific study and appreciation of raptor migration.  The purpose of this International Hawk Migration Week (IHMW) is to raise awareness of hawks, hawk migration, and the participation of network sites that count hawks.  Karen’s site is located at 220 Cooper Highway and is one of two recognized hawk migration count sites in Maine.  In recognition of her watch site, Karen received a banner from the Hawk Migration Association (HMANA) that she will post on the side of her garage notifying passers of her participation in this important count.  Every year hundreds of thousands eagles, vultures, and hawks make the journey from Canada and the United States to wintering locations as far south as South America.  This week was chosen for the count because it is when peak numbers of raptors will migrate and be counted.  After the count, HMANA will release an overall report of the number of species and the number of raptors counted to show the extent of the migration during this time period.  I look forward to an individual report from Karen Holmes regarding her efforts and count outcomes of local species in migration through her site location.


Please contact me with news for the Town of Cooper column.  I appreciate local input from our residents to keep me on top of any local events and news in our little town. See page 18 for information about the short walk and talk regarding General John Cooper.