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The Grand Lake Stream Ladies’ Night Out was held at Leen’s Lodge this past Thursday. From all reports the evening was a great success with a delicious menu and lots of conversation and fond memories shared! (Photo by Laura Schaefer)

Dave McCullough


This week I received a call from Deputy Sheriff Paul Comeau  asking that the column extend his thanks to the people of Grand Lake Stream for all the support and assistance provided him during his time of duty in Grand Lake. It was a time to fulfill the responsibilities of patrolling the area but also to renew some old friendships and make new ones. A warm “THANK YOU” from Deputy Comeau to Grand Lake Stream!

While Jenifer and I were in Grand Lake Stream this week we decided the best place for breakfast was the Pine Tree Store. As always, it is good to meet new folks and catch up with other friends as we all shared coffee and good memories.  Andy, Nolan and friends joined us later in the week to do some local projects, enjoy that sun and swat away those persistent bugs that just hate to give up!

With phase one of the bear season well under way, the following are the numbers of bear harvested so far this season and tagged at the Pine Tree Store. There have been 15 bears tagged at the Pine Tree Store and the largest weighted in at 300 pounds.

The Annual Tough End Road block party was held this last weekend at the Whitley’s home overlooking the stream. Some of the foods included BBQ Ribs, strawberry pie, chicken pot pie, Audrey’s famous carrot cake, stuffed jalapeno poppers, a baked Italian dish, a delicious cake, Caesar salad and tomato salad. What a wonderful evening watching the deer, sharing wonderful food and listening to the winter activities that everyone is planning in the upcoming months.

Following dinner some of the best stories were told by the people who had lived or grown up in Grand Lake Stream. When asked what young folks did for entertainment it seemed there was a selection of activities for Halloween and other holidays. Talk of the basketball teams and their adventures rounded out the evening with everyone pleased to have attended such a delightful event.

Next Tuesday, September 26th, Downeast Lakes Land Trust is holding a volunteer work day with the “Friends of the Community Forest.”  Volunteers will help improve hiking trails, clean trash and much more!  Volunteers will meet at the DLLT office at 9 a.m. to get work assignments, and expect to work until 1 p.m.  Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Colin Brown at (207) 796 – 2100, or email


Have a wonderful fall! Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough contact at  or phone 207-712-8294.