Newell Charged with Burglary, Multiple Felonies

By Lura Jackson


A collaborative effort between the Washington County Sheriff, Pleasant Point Police Department, and Eastport Police Department has led to the arrest of an individual charged with burglarizing Newcomb’s Gun and Saddle Shop in Perry and the Pembroke Irving gas station. Following the execution of a search warrant that yielded substantial recovered goods, including an AR15 assault rifle, Nicholas A. Newell was charged with ten separate felonies.

Newell, who resides in Pleasant Point, was initially arrested for an outstanding warrant by Pleasant Point Officer Ethan Stevens and Eastport Officer Dave Chapais, according to a public statement released by the Pleasant Point Police Department. A search warrant for Newell’s residence was obtained thereafter, leading to the recovery of multiple stolen items reported missing from Newcomb’s and Irving, along with other items that had previously been reported missing in the community. 

The items that were taken from Newcomb’s included three firearms, Chief Deputy Michael Crabtree reported. Two of the firearms were recovered from Newell’s residence. From the Irving, cigarettes, alcohol, and lottery tickets were initially stolen. Officer Lewis Evans of the Pleasant Point Police Department estimates that the value of the goods taken from the businesses amounted to $2,500.

Also recovered during the execution of the search warrant was approximately $2,500 in Native-design purses, hand bags, necklaces, and other jewelry, Officer Evans said. The items are believed to have been taken from a booth that was broken into during Indian Days in August. Additionally, Evans said that tools potentially connected with a work site in Pleasant Point were recovered at Newell’s residence. 

As a result of the evidence collected, Newell quickly faced felony charges. The most serious charges are two Class B counts Burglary and one Class C count of Unlawful Possession of Firearms. Newell is being held on $2,500 bail and $25,000 surety at the Washington County Jail. 

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending, however, it is believed that Newell is the primary individual involved in the string of area thefts. “We’re ninety-nine percent sure he was working alone,” said Chief Deputy Crabtree, though he said that some details are being withheld to enable officers to pursue all potential leads. 

Describing Eastport and Pleasant Point’s role in the investigation as “instrumental”, Crabtree praised the collaboration of the departments. “This was a joint investigation and the reason it all came together was because we were working together on it.”

If you have had an item missing in the past six months, contact the Pleasant Point Police Department at 853-6021.