St. Croix Club Championship

After a 36-hole 2-day battle, Toby Cole won his first championship with a sudden death victory. John congratulates Toby Cole, the 2017 St. Croix Country Club Champion shooting a 145, then winning a sudden death playoff on the 1st hole by a stroke. Great golf and congratulations Toby! (Photo by John Rogers)

Toby Cole Wins In Sudden Death Play


Men’s 1st Division:

1st net- (131n) Dennis Owen                

Men’s 2017 Club Champion - *(145g) Toby Cole 

2nd net- (137n) Dennis Lewey   2nd gross- (145g) John Marchese

3rd net- (137n) Brian McArthur  3rd gross- (149g) Donnie Walker

4th net- (138n) John Rogers      4th gross- (152g) James Macdonald


Men’s 2nd Division:

1st net- (135n) Bob Tracy                    

Men’s 2nd Div. Club Champ- (162g) Frank Cleaves 

2nd net- (139n) Jack Maloney     2nd gross- (163g) Joe Footer

3rd net- (141n) Ed Nicholas       3rd gross- (166g) Nick DelMonaco

4th net- (141n) Zach Maloney   4th gross- (167g) Stacey Atkinson


Men’s 3rd Division:

1st net- (129n) Joey Craig                 

 Men’s 3rd Div. Club Champ- (163g) Alex Nicholas  

2nd net- (133n) Marc Rhode      2nd gross- (168g) Tyler Morrison

3rd net- (136n) Ryan Rhode      3rd gross- (171g) Terry Sherman

4th net- (144n) Stephen Smith   4th gross- (174g) Ken MacDonald


Ladies’ Division:

1st net- (144n) Julie Jordan                   

Ladies’ Club Champ - (177g) Ashley Macdonald

2nd net- (152n) Chrys Landrigan          

2nd gross- (196g) Diane Sullivan


Junior Division: 1st net- (134n) Shane DelMonaco       

Junior Club Champ - (185g) Gavin Bowen


Sat. Long Drive- Jrs- Gavin Bowen/ Ladies- Allison Atkinson/ 

Men- Joe Footer 

Sat. Pins- #1- Pat Ellis / #6- Ken Murphy / #8- Darin Hill

Sun. Long Drive- Jrs- Shane DelMonaco /Ladies- Ashley Macdonald /Men- Joe Footer

Sun. Pins- #1- Darin Hill / #6- Darrin Constant / #8- Steve Thomas

Senior Club Champ- (145g) John Marchese

President's Cup Winner- (127n) Ashley Macdonald


*(Won title in sudden death playoff) 

Billy Annas makes a shot in the annual club championship at the St. Croix Country Club. (Photo by John Rogers)

Finishing a fine weekend, 1st Division net winner Dennis Owen chips into the ninth green. (Photo by John Rogers)

Donnie Walker takes a smooth swing from the 18th fairway in the annual club championship.

(Photo by John Rogers)