Letter to the Editor - I own a small business in Washington County

I own a small business in Washington County, and I have to say, it's about time someone took the bull by the horns when it comes to the federal tax code!

I work hard to take care of my customers, employees and family – that's part of my American dream. It is so frustrating and expensive for businesses to comply with the federal tax code. Over 74,000 pages of complicated, and sometimes outdated loopholes and regulations.

Small business owners like me would be far better served if Congress answered President Trump's call to simplify and reform our tax code and cut tax rates on those of us working to make an honest living.

As it stands, large corporations and those with massive power on Capitol Hill are the ones with the advantages in our federal tax code. Please call Maine's members of the US House and Senate and urge them to pass a tax reform that puts Maine small business owners on a level playing field.

It's time our small businesses get back to chasing their American dream, instead of battling the American nightmare of the federal tax code.

Shane Curtis