Meddybemps News

Linda Baniszeski 


This week, I’ll begin with sincere, albeit belated, birthday wishes to Ted Ackley and Larry Lord on September 23.  Upcoming birthdays include Carly Gordon on September 29 and Bill Doten, Sr., September 30.  October birthdays are Maxine Arbo on the 1st, Lance Bagley - 2nd, Meg Rothberg and Lorraine Gilchrist - 3rd, and Liz Trouant - 5th.  Deepest sympathy to Ed and Dick Bell and their families upon the death of their father, Leighton “Bud” Bell.  

We have new neighbors.  Dawn and Terry Lingle have taken ownership of the cottage next to us -- formerly owned by Nin and Myann Hansen and more recently her daughter and son-in-law, Teri and Charlie Rier.  Dawn was a Maine native who relocated to the Pacific Northwest many years ago with her mother Jean who is married to Bill Kravitz.  Dawn and Terry have been spending the summer in Meddybemps in their spacious motorhome near the Kravitz’s camp.  

Others relative newcomers to our community are Dallas and Jennifer Huckins and their daughters.  They own Huckins Fisheries with a very large boat moored in Machiasport.  We have been blessed by getting fresh lobsters close to home this summer through the Huckins’ lobster pound at their home in Meddybemps.  If anyone wants more information, please email me at  

Last Saturday evening, several full time and seasonal residents got together for a lobster feast, with those delectable shell fish from the Huckins right near by.  Barry and I, his sister Karen Gilbert and her friend Cindy, some good folks from Calais and Robbinston, some very good neighbors, and my sister Patti Lentz enjoyed an evening of food and fun, celebrating the change of seasons with this ‘last hurrah.’  Who knows how long the good weather will hold, so it was decided to take advantage of it.  After the feast, we gathered around a fire ring and enjoyed evening breezes and a beautiful sunset.   Rich Lentz is in northern Maine on a moose hunt, so he couldn’t be at the party.  Don’t think he cared too much about that.  He has waited more than 25 years to be picked in the Maine moose hunting lottery, and is overjoyed to finally be on the hunt.

It has been enjoyable taking day trips with visiting and resident family members.  Shirley Baniszeski, a sister-in-law who lives in Perry on the coast, and I took a trip to the Schoodic Peninsula.  We lunched at a great little place on Birch Harbor and then went to Barlett Estate Winery in Gouldsboro.  We thought we might visit  two wineries that day, but it took longer than we expected to get around.  Not to worry, it will make a great getaway for another day.  This week a group of ladies went to Campobello and then took the ferry to Deer Island and New Brunswick, with a drive home through St. Andrews-by-the-Sea.  Our group included summer resident Karen Gilbert and her friend Cindy Troxel (the husbands were left behind for the girls’ road trip to Maine from Pennsylvania), sisters-in-law Shirley Baniszeski and Janet Baniszeski (Pembroke). My sister Patti Lentz and I completed this fun group.  Our motto:  If we don’t have fun, it’s our own fault.

This continuing hot, humid and summery weather defies the fact that we are officially into the fall season, or autumn as it says on my calendar. 

 Another sign that fall truly is upon us is the closing of many summer camps for the season.  Docks are coming out of the lake and Corey McCray was among the first here to remove his.  Marc Reynolds’ and the Gilberts’ camps have been transformed with new siding and trim.  Wow!  These camps look better than ever.   And so the landscape changes with the first rush of red leaves as some scarlet maples and sugar maples are usually the first to turn.  Then the roadways and hillsides take on the riot of color that beautifully transform us into the next season.  And so it is today in this lovely part of Maine.