Baileyville Council Approves General Assistance Ordinance

By Kaileigh Deacon


The Baileyville Town Council met on Monday, September 25. The council started discussion on what they want to do with the dugout they removed from the Spednic Club field and placed at the high school field. Currently the dugout is sitting on the Main Street side of the field. With the town no longer using the Spednic Club field, the town reclaimed the dugout they had built. By moving the dugout to the high school field, the council determined they could use the building for equipment, keeping the items necessary to maintain the field on-site rather than in the high school or at Glidden Field. 

The cost of finishing the dugout to make it blend with the current dugout would be $750, which would include the cost of fixing the issues with the current dugout. The town has invested $850 into the project already including laying the new cement slab and moving the dugout. “I’m for it,” said soccer coach Carl Ripley. “I think we need that storage there for any of the outdoor stuff.”

The town also held two public hearings. The first meeting was on the proposed charter amendment pertaining to bonding. As the charter stands currently a town meeting does not have the authorization to issue bonds in the name of the town. Only the Town Council may do that. The amendment would change this allowing a town meeting to authorize general obligation bonds. The council would also retain the right to do so by ordinance adoption or through council order in bond issues no more than $400,000. The council approved the addition of this item to the November ballot. 

The second public hearing was in regard to the general assistance ordinance and appendices. General assistance is a way for the town to help residents when they need it. The program allows help for families who are facing issues of destitution or homelessness due to fires, natural disaster, loss of service or other situations. “I will say that when I got on the council… Baileyville was really good at handing out General Assistance,” said Councilor Craig Croman, who said he has been a councilor for five years. 

The council approved the adoption of the general assistance ordinance and its appendices unanimously. The ordinance went into effect on October 1, 2017 and will remain in effect until September 20, 2018. 

The council also looked at scheduling an executive workshop to review the applicants for the town manager position. As of the town meeting, three applications had been received. The deadline for applications was September 29. At their workshop, the council will review the applications they have received and set up interviews with the candidates. 

Town Manager Bronson also advised the council that the auditors for the town would be in Baileyville October 10-12 to conduct their audit. Bronson also got back to the council about looking into what it would cost the town to get insurance if they were to acquire a boat for the fire department. He said it was not as expensive as they had thought it would be. 

Due to the Columbus Day holiday the next Baileyville town meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 10 at 5:30 p.m.