Baileyville Walks Against Bullying

The participants of the 4th Annual Unite Against Bullying Walk stand in front of the Darling’s Ice Cream Truck to recite the stand up to bullying pledge before starting their walk through Baileyville on Sunday. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


On Sunday October 1, the Eastern Maine Pageant held their Fourth Annual Unite Against Bullying Walk at the Woodland Elementary School. The annual walk has been held for the last four years during Baileyville’s Octoberfest, the day after the St. Croix Valley Pageant. The event was started by the Eastern Maine Pageant as a way for the pageant winners and past winners to help reach out to their community and raise awareness about bullying. 

The title-holder’s from the pageants work as advocates in their home schools helping to raise awareness for bullying by helping students to recognize bullying and take action against it. “Bullying is definitely an issue in our society and this walk is a way to bring awareness to it,” Dawn Smith of Eastern Maine Pageant said. “We want kids to know that they are not alone and that bullying isn’t just kids being kids, it is repetitive, intentional, and showing an uneven balance of power. It’s more than just bad behavior.” 

Title-holders like the newly crowned St. Croix Valley Miss Junior Teen Maine Cassidy Carr bring what they have learned about bullying back to their schools and share it. Carr helps with the Calais Elementary School’s after school program, reading to the younger kids and doing activities with the older kids to help them recognize bullying and how they can help someone being bullied. 

The walk took all participants through Baileyville, being led by a Baileyville police cruiser. Chief Bob Fitzsimmons and Corporal Pooh showed up to walk and lend their support. When the walkers got back to the elementary school, they could color a picture for the coloring contest as well as create an Anti-Bullying Poster for the nation-wide poster contest. They also held the Maine Books for Maine Kids event so walk participants could join in there, too. 


It was a beautiful day for a walk and a great cause.