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Sally Doten



I’m back! Just in case you haven’t noticed it’s no longer unseasonably warm outside. When Jim went outside this morning (Sunday) it was a high of 29 degrees with frost on the windshields of the cars. Quite a difference from last week.

I would like to express sympathy to the families of Harland Hitchings and Sandra Hill. Mr. Hitchings was a very active man in his community and will be missed. Sandra worked at Barnard’s Nursing Home before it became First Atlantic Healthcare. She was loved by residents and staff.

At the Town Meeting on Thursday night, the voters raised $396,851 for the school budget. There were 31 Articles on the agenda. The first nine items were all school related, the remaining 22 covered roads, administration expenses, street lights, ambulance services, etc. The total of those added expenses totaled over $121,600. 19 voters attended the meeting and all voted in favor of the budget. Not to say there wasn’t any discussions because there were some before each vote. The good thing was everyone went home without bad feelings toward their neighbors.

I am in a bad slump…. the oven is not working. I cannot bake cakes or cookies or squares or anything else that requires 350 degrees in that square thing under my cook top. Hopefully, tomorrow the problem will be solved and I can get back in the groove. For those that I have promised a casserole, please be patient. You will get one, soon I hope.

On Saturday Dotty Johnson and I enjoyed a lobster roll at Quoddy Lobster in Eastport. It was my first for the season and no doubt my last since they close on October 8. We took a quick tour of the island and saw two deer. I thought one was coming in through the window. She was very curious as to why Dotty was whistling to her. Two steps forward and then a quick turn and she ran just up the road a bit a stopped, looked over her shoulder, and decided we weren’t worth her effort and she was gone. It was a good day with a good friend.

Last week I had to be in Bangor for shots in my back. Wanda Brown was kind enough to take the wheel. Karen Hastings was in the back seat playing “Driving Miss Daisy.” It was nice to be chauffeured for a change. We shared many laughs as we told secrets on one another.

The old Tupper home on Route 1 is certainly getting a facelift. New windows and new paint have made such a difference. It will be beautiful when finished. 

Wishing Mary McLellan a safe trip to EMMC as she goes for another medical procedure. 

Sending sunny thoughts to Frannie Pelletier, Eddie Noddin, Donnie Dinsmore, Neil Bohanon, and Winnie Demmons. Hope the coming week treats you well.