Erika Pratt Joins CHS as Science Teacher

Erika Pratt is the new Science Teacher at Calais High School. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


There are a lot of new faces in the halls of Calais High School this year – not only the incoming freshmen, but some of the staff has changed as well, including the new science teacher, Erika Pratt. 

Mrs. Pratt got her degree in Civil Engineering in 2003 from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. She worked at a nuclear power plant until recently, when she decided to move into teaching. 

“I wanted to teach kids because I’m so interested in science,” Mrs. Pratt said. When the opportunity came up to teach the subject that she loves she took it. Teaching is something that she had been tossing around for some time, so this chance was well timed. 

Though she doesn’t have a teaching certificate yet, she is working on obtaining one while she teaches. She is teaching physical science to freshman classes as well as a physics class to the juniors and seniors. “I hope that the kids start to want to learn more about science,” Mrs. Pratt said. 

When she isn’t working, Mrs. Pratt enjoys spending her time with her family. Calais High School is fortunate to have Mrs. Pratt to share her passion for science with the students at Calais High School.  So far Mrs. Pratt has enjoyed teaching at Calais High School and looks forward to what this new experience will bring.