International Dancers Visit Third Grade Students at CES

Participating in the traditional Israeli "Fox Dance" are these third grade students during Miss Moody's music class. The students were visited by the International Dancers of Eastport Arts Center on September 21st, and they learned dances from around the world as a result. (Photos by Tarah Waters, EAC Island Institute Fellow)

On Thursday, September 21st, Eastport Arts Center's International Dancers visited the third grade students of music teacher Miss Moody at Calais Elementary School.  This enthusiastic group of 30 children loved the music and learning folk dances from Israel, South Africa and Greece. The hour-long session began with the Israeli "Fox Dance." This circle dance was great fun as the three foxes inside the circle chose other foxes to take their place. "This is like a game with music!" one child exclaimed.  "Pata Pata," a party dance song from South Africa was followed with the exuberant "Tripotis" Greek dance as their final effort. The International Dancers were very impressed with the enthusiasm and skill of these young dancers. A great time was had by all.

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