Letter to the Editor - Sending thanks to a good Samaritan

An employee of Walmart in Calais stepped out of her way to assist me in a very bad situation on Sunday, Aug. 20.  I cannot guess what her help prevented from happening.

In the morning I was cycling south on Rte. 191 in Baileyville towards Meddybemps.  The road had just been paved and had no lines painted on it.  In these situations cars tend to travel closer to the edge when passing each other.  I was biking 1-3” from the edge of the new pavement.  After traffic had cleared I shifted to move about 6” from the pavement edge.  My front tire dropped off the lip.  With the soft sandy shoulder I tried to quickly get back up, but the 2-3” edge of fresh asphalt brought my front tire to a stop and I fell sideways onto the road.  Luckily no vehicles were on the road at the time.

I gathered my bike and items off the road and stood on the road shoulder to gather myself.  Something was wrong other than the pain, but I did not know what.  I could feel it with every breath.  Something was loose inside.  I started walking back, it was 4-5 miles back to my car in a parking lot on Rte 1.  

I tried to wave down passing cars with my right arm.  Knowing I looked like someone in distress I figured somebody would stop, but they didn’t. I was getting aggravated that I was not even seeing brake lights from passing pickup trucks.  Some just beeped as they passed by.

Then, a small red car passed by and I saw brake lights nearing the top of the slope I was walking up. The driver came back and asked if I was okay.  I said I did not think so.  She asked if I wanted to go to the hospital.  I replied I just wanted to get my bike back to my car on Rte 1.  She turned around and said we could put the bike in her trunk. 

She drove me to my car, placed the bike in it.  I thanked her as much as possible, but it hurt to talk. Then she continued her drive to work her shift at Walmart.

At a hospital in Belfast I was diagnosed with four broken ribs and damage to a lung.

In the almost five hours from the fall to the hospital there was one major bright spot.  She was this Walmart employee—Jill.

I did not get her last name, but I figured there can not be too many people named Jill working at the Calais Walmart.

There is great value when people behave kindly, and more so when they are not working, but wearing clothing that attaches them to their place of employment. Many thanks to Jill.

Everett Peavey


Liberty, Maine