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Linda Baniszeski 


Beautiful weather has punctuated our days out here in the ‘bemps.  Fall is on the near horizon based on movements of our duck families.  Their visits to the feeder are waning and they have actually left some cracked corn in the trough by the water.  I have seen some red squirrels and chipmunks loading up their little mouths with it and scurrying to their stashes in winter hideaways.  They will certainly eat well during the cold months.

Our first fire in the woodstove was Saturday night on Sept. 30.  The Gilbert and Reynolds wood stoves also warmed their homes.  Our first frost was also on Saturday night.

Happy Birthday wishes to Liz Trouant on October 5 and Joanne McCoubrey on the 8th!  Wishing them a great day and many more happy and healthy years to come.

Bill Doten, Sr. has departed Meddybemps for the winter months.  He is presently in Virginia with family for the upcoming holidays and will then return to Florida for the coldest winter months.  It was great to see him around here all summer.  He had a very nice garden.

Speaking of gardens, our tomatoes are still coming in by the dozens.  Wow! It has been a bumper crop.  The green peppers are just about ended.  Many halved, diced and sliced peppers fill our freezer for upcoming meals of stuffed peppers, hot sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions, and pots of chili.  The chili will also include diced and frozen tomatoes and sauce from the bounty.  

Rich Lentz bagged a very nice moose in northern Maine during the first week of moose season.  It has a rack of about 42” inches wide.  It is being butchered and prepared up north near the outfitter for his freezer.  Rich will have the head mounted for display in their Pennsylvania home.  

When Jessica Brown was traveling to Meddybemps on Saturday morning she saw a moose at Route 9 and Cooper Road.  Later that evening her visiting friend’s husband also saw one at the same place.  At the Brown property, a beaver gnawed down two sizable maple trees on the shoreline.  The stumps look like giant pencil points.  Another wildlife sighting occurred in Perry on a property abutting Mountain Road.  Shirley and Larry Baniszeski report that a bobcat is in their area and killing off baby racoons and who knows what else.  Such is life in the wilds of Maine.

Our new neighbors, Dawn and Terry Lingle report catching 35 perch on the lake this week.  They are beginning to work on their new property next door to us.

On the social scene, last Thursday my sister Patti Lentz, Karen Gilbert and her visitor Cindy Troxel, and our sister-in-law Shirley Baniszeski took a trip to Campobello and the ferry to Deer Island and St. George.  We enjoyed lunch, a bit of shopping and some ice cream in St. Andrews.  It warmed up very nicely for the afternoon walk through the town.  Barry was at home looking after Scuffy and Patti’s little Yorkie Emmie.  This Marine of mine is dependable and handy for just about any assignment.

Saturday evening Jessica and Jeff Brown hosted a wonderful baked haddock dinner for Barry and me, Patti Lentz, Karen Gilbert and Cindy.  Jessica’s friend and coworker, Stephanie, and her toddler daughter Raygan were there for a weekend visit, with Stephanie’s husband arriving late Saturday night after work.  The haddock was from Jeff’s sister, directly from Nova Scotia.  Everyone brought a part of the meal and the food and company were wonderful.

Final signs of winter preparation has boat docks taken out or firmly attached to the shoreline for the winter ahead.  

Finally, here’s an early reminder for a Harvest Party at 2nd Baptist Church in Calais on October 27.  Just so everyone is clear, all children are invited whether they attend 2BC or not.  Parents are welcome to attend with them to enjoy the fun and games and a cake walk where every child gets a cake or cupcakes to take along home.   I am awaiting news about the Trick or Treat event at Meddybemps Community Center for Halloween.  Facts will be provided as soon as they are received.

Everyone with credit cards should probably be carefully checking their statements.  I was notified that one of my cards was hacked (probably through the Equifax security breech).  Although the erroneous charges were denied and red flagged, and the account was immediately closed, it is alarming to know that anyone in the world can get into our records.  In fact, one of the charges was for the Ivanovitch Agency (say what??)  You guessed it: “The Russians did it!”

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