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Kathy Mekelburg



Robbinston Weather Summary For September: The month of September was very warm and very dry. The monthly mean temperature of 62.4 degrees was 3.5 degrees above normal. This was the 3rd warmest September in 24 years of record beaten only by 63.3 degrees in 2015 and 63.2 degrees in 1999.

The monthly maximum of 90 degrees occurred on the 26th. This was the latest ever in the season for a 90 degree reading, even historically! This is the only time the  earliest and latest. 90 degree readings occurred in the same year, also  with no 90’s in the summer months. Historically, the earliest and latest 90 degree readings are May 10, 1995 and September 26, 2017. The monthly minimum temperature of 36 degrees fell on the 30th. There were 4 days with maximums 80 degrees or higher. There were 90 heating degree days or 105 below normal. This is a new September low. Total since July is 179 or 97 below normal. There were 28 cooling degree days or 9 above normal. Total for the season is 230 or 37 above normal. This is the 6th consecutive year with above normal cooling degree days.

Total rainfall of 1.91 inches was 2.90 inches below normal. This was the 3rd driest September beaten only by 1.60 inches in 2011 and 1.70 inches in 2016. Total since January stands at 39.43 inches or .90 inches above normal due to wet conditions early in the year. Maximum daily amount was .68 inches on the 6th. There were 11 days with measurable rainfall. September was the 4th consecutive dry month, and drought conditions are really taking hold. Water tables are at their lowest levels since the very dry year of 2001.

Highest barometer was 30.29 inches on the 10th and 30th, while the lowest was 29.52 inches on the 4th. Mean monthly humidity was 80.5 percent. Lowest humidity was 42 percent on the 13th. Prevailing wind direction was south southwest with an average speed of 2.4 miles per hour. Peak wind gust was 28/nw on the 1st. There were 9 clear days, 15 partly cloudy days and 6 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 55 percent. There were 7 days with dense fog. There were 3 days with thunderstorms (4th, 6th, 9th). This number ties the September record set in 2005.