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Sally Doten



Here it is late Monday afternoon and I am just getting ready to write the town news. I just got back from the Auto Tour at the Game Refuge and although we drove through a few rain drops, it was beautiful. The colors were a little duller because of the drought but pretty nevertheless. If you have not gone yet, take time this week to drive through. It is well worth your time. And, of course, I didn’t go alone. As usual I was with the same wild company. The driver today was Wanda Brown with Judy Antoniello as navigator. The backseat was well balanced with Ann Brackett and me.

Baring Baptist Church held a women’s retreat on Friday evening and Saturday. Approximately 35 ladies attended the workshop, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.” Ladies from Dexter to Calais attended the sessions. Sherri Oliver led the group in lessons and crafts. Everyone enjoyed the presentations.

Peter and Susan Casey enjoyed the grandchildren recently as they went to St. Andrews to check out the shore and playgrounds. Peter even tried out the swings; just a big kid at heart.

Jim and Margaret Payne were recent guests at the Noddin household. They are headed back to Arkansas after spending the summer at their cottage.

Thank you to Carl and Heather Ross. They found pictures of the older homes in town that I was looking for. Now I need to get them copied and returned before I lose them.

Speaking of losing things, I cannot find my cell phone. Wouldn’t care if it was my old flip phone but it’s my new iPhone. So if you’re trying to call me, use the landline. I hate to think I have to buy another phone; so expensive.

Well, my friends, this is it for the week. Not much going on around here. I do hear raindrops falling on the roof. If only it would keep up for 3 or 4 days, that would be wonderful. My well has about 2 inches of water in it. It’s a miracle I can brush my teeth!

Be well this week. Call me with your news