Blue Devils Take Top Honor

In the recent Cross Country event at Sumner ,the Calais Blue Devil Boys team took top honors in their annual Seacoast Classic that featured 8 teams. Calais paced the win with 49 points, George Stevens Academy was second at 52, and Lee Academy third with 80. Other scores had WA 102, Machias 151, Searsport 159, Bucksport 165, and hosting Sumner 169. Good luck next week in the event at Machias. (Photo by John Rogers)

Downeast Athletic Conference X-C Championship


Boys’ Blue Devils & Girls’ Lady Knights Win Team Titles


Machias – October 2

The course is 3.1 miles

Boys’ Scores:

1. Evan Merchant, Jonesport-Beals17:11 

DAC Champion & New Course Record

2. Addison Coty, Calais17:39

3. Justice Bassett, Calais18:27

4.Travis Hunt, Narraguagus,18:30

5. Luke Barnes, Sumner18:47

6. Jason Weaver, Machias19:08

7. Cody Pellerin, Calais19:58

8. Logan Carter, Sumner20:15

9. Cameron Leavitt, Machias20:18

10. Mitchell Gower, Calais20:28

11. Leif McKenna, Machias20:29

12. Hunter Beal, Narraguagus20:31

13. Tyler Demarest, Machias20:32

14. Dominic Brooks, Narraguagus21:13

15. Jakob Holland, Machias21:53

16. Ashton James, Calais22:17

17. Caydon Lamboycruz, Sumner22:37

18. Tyler Smith, Jonesport -Beals22:42

19. Lucas Campbell, Sumner24:39

20. Connor Cook, Calais25:18

21. Jordan Donovan, Machias27:33

22. Richard Seelye, Calais28:24

23. Alexander Look, Machias28:41

24. Chase Griffith, Calais31:49


Team Scores: Calais 23, Machias 32

No Team Scores Jonesport-Beals, Narraguagus, Sumner, Calais Calais Blue Devils are the Boys’ Team DAC Champions.


Girls’ Scores:

Narraguagus girls team won the 2017 championship with 19 points, beating second place Machias at 37. Elizabeth Bitar took the individual honors in a time of 22:49 for Calais. The Lady Knights Sophia DeSchiffart earned second place with a 22:55. Unfortunately, three runners that had never seen the course missed a turn and had to be disqualified.

1. Elizabeth Bitar, Calais 22:49-  DAC Champ

2. Sophia DeSchiffart, Narraguagus22:55

3. Hannah Beal, Narraguagus23:15

4. Alyssa Turner, Narraguagus23:19

5. Farrow McKenna, Machias24:46

6. Samantha Cox, Machias24:56

7. Skye Howard, Sumner25:00

8. Carol Smith, Jonesport-Beals25:09

9. McKensi Mills, Narraguagus25:16

10. Taylor Colbeth, Narraguagus25:43

11. Sarah Bartlett, Shead26:38

12. Meagan Jordan, Machias27:06

13. Winifred French, Shead27:48

14. Kassandra Cox, Machias30:09

15. Aryanna Beal, Narraguagus30:50

16. Hannah Faulkingham, Machias34:02

17.Sadie Philips, Machias37:04

18. Reece Brown, Narraguagus39:24

19. Sophia McVicar, CalaisDQ

20. Louisa Calame, SheadDQ                         

21. Katherine Bartlett, SheadDQ


Team Scores: Narraguagus 19, Machias 37.  No Team Score: Shead, Calais, Jonesport Beals and Sumner.

Narraguagus Lady Knights are the Girls’ DAC Team Champions.

2.) Louisa Calame, Shead, 20:41

10.) Elizabeth Bitar, Calais, 24:01