Cherryfield Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Quanyesha Greeley, 19, entered a plea of not guilty during her pre-trial arraignment in Machias last Friday, Oct. 6. (Photo by Sarah Craighead Dedmon)

By Sarah Craighead 



One of two people charged with the murder of Sally Shaw was arraigned at the Washington County Courthouse in Machias on Friday, Oct. 6. Quaneysha Greeley, 19, entered the courtroom in handcuffs and stood with her attorneys, Jeff Davidson and Nathan Hodgkins. She entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of intentional or knowing murder. 

Shaw’s body was found on the side of the road in Cherryfield on the morning of July 19. The autopsy report said that Shaw died of a single gunshot to the head. The other accused, Carrine “Terror” Reeves, 37, was arrested with Greeley in Queens, New York on July 26. Reeves is being held in New York on charges related to a different assault earlier this year. 

Court documents released in September show that Shaw was the girlfriend of Reeves, who was also in a relationship with Greeley. Greeley was extradited from New York to Maine in August and is being held without bail at the Washington County Jail. 

Davidson said that the defense counsel team has not received any discovery documentation from the state. “Timing for providing automatic discovery is at the initial appearance, that was a long time ago,” said Davidson. “The state is shackling our ability to defend motions that they’re filing.”

Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea spoke for the state’s counsel and said that the discovery materials are complete and compiled. “They have to be reviewed by a sergeant, and then they’ll be turned over to me,” said Zainea. 

The state estimates they will be able to deliver the discovery materials to the defendant’s attorneys within two to three weeks, but has no timeline for extraditing Reeves to Maine to stand trial. Zainea said that a governor’s warrant has been issued to New York requesting extradition. “We’re hoping to have him back promptly,” she said.

Speaking after the hearing, co-counsel Hodgkins said that there isn’t much the defense can do until the prosecution delivers the discovery materials. “I can say that we have an innocent client, and we’re ready to fight that,” said Hodgkins. “But we do need the discovery to go forward.”

A status conference will be scheduled for mid-November, and will be open to the public in Machias.

RIGHT: Greeley’s defense attorneys, Nathan Hodgkins and Jeff Davidson, spoke to the press in front of the Washington County Courthouse after last Friday’s arraignment. (Photo by Sarah Craighead Dedmon)