Editor's Desk - Celebrating Autumn in the St. Croix Valley


It’s that time of year when some say that the veil between dimensions becomes thinner, prompting the legends and stories of spirits, demons, and witches that now fill our popular understanding of Halloween. While I can’t personally vouch for this time of year heralding an increase in supernatural occurrences, I can attest to the observation of the thinning of barriers. The past week has seen an outpouring of community spirit – even more than is usually present in this community-minded area.

The number of families and volunteers that participated in Octoberfest as well as the Perry Harvest Festival was simply remarkable. Both events offered the opportunity to meet with neighbors and friends and share in the theme of the season, and from all appearances, the extended community of Eastern Washington County was ready and willing to participate with gusto.

Autumn represents the bridge between summer and winter. As such, it seems appropriate that in this place where winter often dominates, the fall is the time of year to get together and celebrate the vibrancy of life.  


Lura Jackson