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Dave McCullough


Have you noticed how organized and helpful it is to go to the Grand Lake Stream recycling center? I talked with Mike Remillard about his work there and he feels it will take a while for the residents to understand that there are changes that needed to take place. For several years the approach was to dump/leave anything anywhere on the various piles but now the government has spoken clearly that items need to be separated and that tires and certain other debris are no longer welcome or must be placed in certain places. A quick drive around that area is evident that Mike is doing a much improved job of getting the Grand Lake Stream Recycling Center in compliance with the up-to-date guidelines. Thanks Mike.

On Saturday morning Eric and Brittany Mauricette welcomed Emily Elizabeth Mauricette into their family. Both mother and child are doing well! More details in the Advertiser.

Well it finally happened that one of the largest bear in the area was harvested under the direction of Paul Laney Bear Guiding Service. The bear weighed 538 pounds. That is certainly a record that will be hard to beat for several years! Congratulations to the sportsman John Desantis  from New York.

This past week I had the good fortune to visit with a friend on Big Lake who had experienced great fishing for white perch the evening before. They had found a school off Pine Island in the deep hole. They were in the middle of a fish fry when I stopped in and It took little time to convince me to join them with their meal of delicious fish topped off with homemade blueberry pie. Thank you Dave and Lilly Sage for the invitation and to Jeff Pratt for making the fish taste so good with guide fries! (Jeff’s wife made the blueberry pie!)

From time to time the Woodland Mill will close for maintenance for a short spell.  This event creates an economic ripple throughout the communities with all the workers using local lodges and restaurants. Most of the lodges in Grand Lake Stream had guests and the Pine Tree Store served a full menu of food that kept the folks coming back for more! Thanks to the mill for this fall bounce in activity.

The Princeton eighth grade class had a successful bottle collection recently to raise funds for their class trip. As always the people of Grand Lake supported their youth. Speaking of youth, have you noticed the great progress that is being made on the double tennis courts by the firehouse in GLS?  It is looking good!  Get your rackets and partners ready.

Thanks go to Joanne Toby for her 14 years as the Town Clerk and Tax Collector in Grand Lake Stream. Many folks stopped by to wish her well in retirement. She has always gone over and above for all of us! Everyone wishes you a great retirement Joanne!

Now that fall has arrived you may have noticed that the flags have been taken down in GLS in preparation for cold weather.  Special thanks should be given to R.J. and Audrey Ammerman for taking care of this task.  It is always amazing to watch R.J. go up the poles with his lineman’s pole climbing gear to set our flags in place.  Thanks so much for your service!

On Friday, October 13th, Downeast Lakes Land Trust welcomes Maine IF&W wildlife biologist Kelsey Sullivan for a presentation on “Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock Conservation and Management.”  These upland bird species play an important role in the ecosystem, and are prized birds during the fall hunting season.  Sullivan is concluding a major study on grouse and woodcock populations in Maine, and will be presenting early results of several years of the project.  This presentation will take place in the Grand Lake Stream School Building at 6 p.m.  For more information please contact DLLT at (207) 796 – 2100, or email

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