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Linda Baniszeski 

Greetings from beautiful Meddybemps.  The trees began to take on their gorgeous fall colors almost overnight.   Surrounding the lake and Routes 191 and 1, the most brilliant reds, golds, oranges and mixtures of yellow/red are glowing from the changing leaves.  Intermingled with the varied shades of the evergreens and fir trees, the combination of colorful leaves and foliage have created a feast for the eyes.  Add to that the breathtaking sunsets every clear evening over the past two weeks and you have a breathtaking landscape.  Not to be outdone by the sun, a harvest moon has luminated everything beneath it, as though someone forgot to turn off the flood lights.  We are flooded with nature’s beauty.

Another fascinating and entertaining happening on the lake was a pair of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. float planes landing and taking off near the town dock.  These planes load up fish for stocking other lakes that need more of them.  Barry and I were imagining what a spectacular view the pilots have of the changing colors of the forests below them as they soar from lake to lake.  Indeed, as we traveled along Rte. 9 for a trip to Bangor, we were overwhelmed with the brilliant changes displayed over the vast landscape as far as the eye can see.

Happy birthday wishes to Patty Reynolds on October 17; and a Happy Wedding Anniversary to Bob and Linda Gordon on the 18th.  October is always a nice month for weddings.  Usually not too hot or cold and lots of sunshine.

Terry Reynolds’ ‘garagemahal’ was once again the perfect place for a party.  It was a baby shower for an extended family member.  Pink balloons tied with matching tulle festooned trees along the driveway from Rte. 191 to Terry’s property.  There were a lot of cars and it appeared to have been a very successful event.

The lake continues to lose depth.  Scuffy can actually walk along between the water and shoreline by a  rock strewn path the drought has revealed.  Thankfully, we had rain Sunday and again Monday, with more forecast for Tuesday.  We hope and pray the lake will again be restored by spring.  Only winter’s weather will tell.

Please send your family, community and organization news to or phone 454-3719.  Blessings to all.