Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


We have had a few showers since last week, but we have not had enough rain to really soak into the ground.  The days have cooled somewhat but all in all, we have enjoyed another week of fine October weather.

The Robbinston-Calais communities were saddened to hear of the passing of Billy Polk this past week.  Billy has been really sick for a long time. No matter how bad he felt, every time I saw him he was putting his best foot forward.  He loved watching and cheering for the Blue Devils. Sympathy is extended to his family members and his many friends.

First this week, I have to make a confession to my cousin Wayne.  I had my fourth last lobster roll of the season at Quoddy Lobster on Saturday. While enjoying my lobster roll, we met Randy Montgomery who is walking the perimeter of the United States “with the goal of creating a miracle, encouraging everybody to help one another.” Randy has been walking for three years and has allowed himself another five years to complete his journey.  When he introduced himself at the lobster pound, one of the workers gave him a big lobster and the ladies in the kitchen cooked it for him. Randy shares his journey on Facebook and can be followed at circlemakerrandymontgomery.wordpress.com

My niece Linda from Grafton, Massachusetts, is visiting for the week.  Both Lulu and I are getting out more than usual.  Lulu goes for several walks a day (except when it is raining) and I am getting several rides a day.  Saturday was a really good outing for me.  In addition to getting another lobster roll, I went to the People’s Methodist Church sale in Pembroke.  They have very few workers but they had quite a bit of food for sale as well as their special knives, flea market items and lunches.

Then we visited the Pie Ladies’ Bakery and I purchased an apple pie, Linda’s favorite.  She was also able to get molasses cookies and homemade baked beans at the sale and rolls at the Pie Ladies’ Bakery.  Except for the corn chowder, she has all of her favorite meals/lunches available.

Linda and I also went to Eastport on Friday afternoon to check the deer out. We could not find the two deer that Sally Doten and I had seen last week, but we did have a chance to view others.  On Saturday, we took apples from the farm and fed some of the hungry ones.  We saw four in one place; three of them are pictured on the wildlife page in this issue of the Calais Advertiser. They are thin and scruffy and not in the least afraid of the car or people.  It is really sad.

Our cousin Dennis Mains said that Linda and I were baiting the deer, which is, of course, illegal. I think that “baiting” is putting food out to entice the deer to come to a particular spot; these deer were already there. I prefer to think that we were providing them their “last supper” before the thinning of the herd takes place.

The People’s United Methodist Church of Baileyville had a successful public dinner last Thursday. The workers put out ninety-seven take-outs and made a profit of over $1700 for their projects. The United Methodist Women will meet on Thursday, October 12 in the church basement for their October meeting.  Bring your own lunch and join the group at 11:30 a.m.

Jamie Bohanon and his helpers put on another Octoberfest in Baileyville last week. Along with the crafters and the parade, the group provided many activities for the children and the activities were well received.

Ken and Ann Carter joined the many guests who have visited the Audubon Exhibit this summer and went to the Dennys River Historical Society’s Museum to see the exhibit of pictures, journal entries, descriptions and Audubon’s trip to Labrador to find more birds to add to his book, “Birds of America”. Saturday was the last day for the public exhibit, but personal tours may still be available.  Call Melinda Jaques or Colin Windhorst for more information.

The Dennysville Congregational Church resumes its Sunday school program next Sunday at the Parish House at 10 a.m.  People of all ages are invited to attend.

Current needs for the emergency shelves at the Labor or Love Food Pantry remain the same: powdered milk (in one quart packets), oatmeal, boxes of macaroni and cheese dinners, canned pork and beans, canned fruit and the ever-needed peanut butter.

The Charlotte Fire and Rescue Department Auxiliary is already preparing for their big craft fair and bake sale to be held at the Charlotte School on Saturday, November 4. Woodland Education Boosters will hold their craft fair, bake sale and lunches on the same day at the Woodland gym.  Ladies’ Sodality of St. James members (in Woodland) have planned their fall sale for Saturday, October 28.  More information on these sales will be available in next week’s column.

The Friends of the Calais Free Library’s Soup and Poetry event is on for Friday, October 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. Soups, breads and cookies are already being lined up. 

The talk to be given by Jeff Orchard about the Lincoln family’s connection with the dam at Meddybemps has been postponed until Tuesday, November 28.  More information will be available in a few weeks.

Here is a quick reminder that the Empty Bowl Dinner event is being held on Friday, October 14 at the Pembroke Elementary School. All proceeds will be divided among four local food pantries.

Stay safe and have a great week.