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Sally Doten



Would you believe that not one soul in Baring has any news? Well, it’s almost true. I had to investigate, snoop, and dig to find something to write about besides my family. Now I really don’t mind telling each of you how wonderful my family is but I think I would bore you after a couple of weeks. The following is what I found out after sneaking around:

Connor Cook is doing a great job for the Calais High School Cross Country team. Calais was the winning team at the Seacoast Classic held in Sullivan. Take a bow for the team, Connor. 

Congratulations to Emily Erskine for been chosen queen at the annual JMG Homecoming dance at Woodland High School.

It’s great to hear good things about today’s teens when so much is wrong in this world.

Congratulations to Tiana Lola. Tiana is now employed at Calais Regional Hospital in the accounting department.

Every time I drive by H & H Disposal it makes me want to say “thank you” to Peter Howland for cleaning up the property. Except for a few older dumpsters way back in the field, Peter has made a huge improvement in the area. Keep up the good work, Pete. I am sure other people have noticed besides me.

Okay, that’s what I know about other people so I will tell you that our son Jeff was home to go bird hunting. He arrived on Tuesday and returned home (Kennebunk) on Saturday. He and Jim rode around Tomah but didn’t see a bird or anything else. No partridges were seen in any of the areas he went. One day he even took Beth for better luck, but that didn’t work either. 

Since I attend the Second Baptist Church in Calais, I would like to remind you that the annual Harvest Party is coming up on October 27 starting at 5 p.m. All kids are invited for hot dogs, face painting, a cake walk, and crafts.  And on the 28th, The Hyssong Gospel family will be there to present a concert starting at 6:30 pm. So if your kids want something to do, there’s the Harvest Party. And if you want to hear so good gospel music, I will see you on the 28th. 

One more thing at the church is the Shoebox Ministry Operation Christmas Child. We are the official drop-off location for this area. All boxes must be at the church no later than Nov. 19. The church will be opened the week of November 13 to accept boxes or donations. 

I will see you next week. In the meantime, be kind to one another.