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Laurie Pike


The Cooper town office is open for regular office hours on the first and third Thursday of the month.  I will be at the office again on October 19th and November 2nd from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  Resident snowmobile registrations have arrived and are available for registration in preparation for winter riding.   The new hunting law books have arrived if you want to get a copy and read up on the law changes for the upcoming hunting season.  Dog tags from the animal welfare program have also arrived and are available for dog registration.  Voting will be open at the Cooper Community Center for the State of Maine Referendum Election on November 7th from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The Referendum Election has four questions to consider. See: for the questions.

The cemetery project and plan for historical society has provided very interesting historical information and exciting events recently in the Town of Cooper.  On Saturday, September 30th, we had a short walk and talk about General John Cooper provided by local historian, John Dudley with refreshments provided by the Cathance Cooper Community Friends group.  We had a great turnout of about twenty-five people for the event.  On Saturday, October 7th, the cemetery project continued with a woodland walk across from the Cooper Community Center with cemetery sexton and long-time resident, Justin Day to locate the private grave of Elpas Waterhouse who died on December 3, 1848.  Justin had located the gravestone in the past and had a general idea where the gravestone was located but, as we followed the stream, we had some difficulty locating it because many trees had fallen down creating numerous barriers to easy visibility.  At one point, Justin decided we had traveled too far and needed to turn back and search a little farther from the stream.  On the return trip back toward the road, we found the stone almost immediately.  We took pictures of the stone and documented the GPS coordinates so we will be able to find it easier next spring.  The Cathance Cooper Community Friends has started documenting the cemetery and private gravestone locations on a map so we can keep track as new locations are located in the spring.  We had a great time on this short outing with Justin and the weather was beautiful.  More events and outings are planned to locate all the grave locations in town and to gain more historical information about past Cooper residents.  We discussed a number of known and reported private burial areas in Cooper with Justin and look forward to future searches.  Anyone interested in joining an historical society in town and forming a cemetery committee should express interest so you can be notified of plans and future outings.  We are still waiting to hear if Karen Holmes and Bill Krider will get the grant from Maine Old Cemeteries Association for their participation in a workshop to learn to clean, repair, and refurbish headstones. When we hear something, I will let everyone know the results of their efforts.  Please contact me with any information if you have news for the Town of Cooper column.  I appreciate local input from our residents to keep me on top of any local events and happenings that may be amusing or noteworthy.