Hard Cider Manufacturers Sought for Calais Area


Downeast Economic Development [DED] has identified hard cider production as one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Industry experts predict that sales of hard cider beverages will grow at a minimum rate of 5% each year for the next decade.  DED is working to promote the St. Croix Valley region to established manufacturers as well as to entrepreneurs that are looking to create their own private label hard cider product.

Several factors are important to the success of a hard cider producer: availability of land, labor and materials to manufacture the product; having a sound transportation infrastructure to move goods to and from markets; a municipality that offers tax and financing incentives to attract investors; and access to global markets.

The St. Croix Valley offers all of the above and as such, can offer the new venture a solid opportunity for financial success.  Those interested in finding out more about creating a start-up hard cider manufacturing company should contact Julie Jordan at 207-214-5926.