“PUMPKINHEADS” by Tom Brennan

A group of foreign exchange students, including two living with local families, participated in the recently-held AFS Pumpkin Fest event in Ellsworth. Among those pictured are Cecilia Foccardi of Italy, who is living with Sherry and David Sivret, and Natsuki Fukui of Japan, living with John and Tammy Moody. (Photo courtesy of David Sivret)

Of course, like all paintings, it has its own story, too.  A few years ago when my grandson Parker was here and we were going to carve the family pumpkin, we decided to draw various faces then he would pick the one he liked best.  Trying to save paper, I threw them all down on one piece like a lineup at the county jail.  They came out looking comical and in a wondrously strange sort of way kind of symmetrical.  So, I turned it into a large painting that has become an annual family decoration. Happy Halloween!!!

Arline Flood has put this lovely lady out to watch for the ghosts and goblins in her yard in Cooper. Taken by Marcia Wheelock.