From the Editor's Desk - The Challenges of Decreased Revenue and Continued Needs

The topic of raising – or lowering – taxes is a hot issue on both the local and the national scene. Locally speaking, city councilors are recognizing that the possibility of continuing to offer the same services that Calais has become known for around the immediate area while maintaining the city’s infrastructure may not be possible without raising taxes. At the same time, however, councilors recognize that doing so is not a popular option in one of the highest-taxed municipalities in the state.

By now, it is becoming a familiar dilemma to Calais and its institutions. How long can a shrinking city continue without finding some way of increasing its revenue, or at least minimizing its losses? Some see promise in the potential of incoming industries, such as recreational marijuana, and others are looking for creative methods of drawing new residents, including the soon-to-be expanded fiber optic network.

One way or another, it’s clear that Calais is in a crucial period of determining its future. As citizens, we will soon have the option of choosing who will be filling two seats on the city council. In next week’s issue we’ll have a look at the potential candidates that will be helping to decide critical issues for the next three years.

Lura Jackson