Final Calais Celtic Concert - BARRULE, From the Isle of Man

Calais Celtic Concerts will present Barrule from the Isle of Man at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Calais on Saturday, October 28th, at 6:00 p.m. US/ 7:00 p.m. Canadian time. This will be the final show of the season for the series. There will not be a Christmas show this year.

The unique sound of traditional Manx music is the Celtic World's best kept secret. This has changed with the introduction of Barrule, the award-winning trio dedicated to taking the music of the Isle of Man to a much wider audience. Barrule played here last year and were extremely well received, which is why we invited them back.

Named after the famous Manx summit where legend says the ancient Celtic God, Manannan MacLir stalked his mighty fortress, Barrule fuses three distinct musical forces – gifted fiddle-player Tomas Callister, accordion wizard Paddy Callihan and versatile accompanist Adam Rhodes on bouzouki. Together this versatile acoustic unit creates a powerful and wholly distinctive sound.

With bold but sensitive arrangements, the trio presents a fresh take on traditional and contemporary Manx music. While sharing common ground with it's Celtic cousins as well as the English tradition, Manx music has retained it's own particular and inherent Manxness: an atmosphere evoked by the music that speaks of the natural beauty of the island and the lives of it's inhabitants.

The Isle of Man sits in the middle of the Irish sea, midway between Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It has one of the oldest Parliaments in the world dating back to 979. 

The Knights of Columbus Hall is located in Calais at 2 Park St., on the corner of Church and Park. Show date, Saturday October 28, 2017. Tickets are $20 adult, $5 for 15 years and under. Pre-show tickets are sold at Karen's Diner and Korner Pub, downtown Calais. For more information or reservations call, 207-214-2067. Please LIKE our FB Page.