Fire Safety at Charlotte Elementary School

The Gower brothers

On Tuesday, October 17, all students and many of their teachers and ed techs visited our station. Lt. Jeff Orchard went over several fire safety items with the kids participating. Firefighter Pete Frost illustrated traffic control and spoke about it, and firefighters Roy Mowery and Zach Orchard dressed in full turnout gear with SCBAs and demonstrated search and rescue activity crawling around through the students. They learned the sight and sound of a possible rescuer should they have a fire emergency at their homes. After the "classtime" activity, all equipment was opened for students to "tour." Firefighters remained nearby to answer questions and help assure safety throughout the event. 

One of the highlights was the "gift bag" that each child received just before leaving. This bag included several small gifts such as stickers, tattoos and a glow-in-the-dark Halloween candy bag. However, the best gift of all was a smoke detector for each child's room or home. These detectors were provided for each child by Ace Hardware (10), Johnson's True Value (10), WalMart (10), and Ellsworth Building Supplies (20). Upon approach, each of these Calais merchants were happy to donate the life-saving smoke detectors.