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Dave McCullough


This past Sunday as Jenifer and I were getting ready to leave for a few days, she looked out the window and with panic in her voice said the pine tree by the road was on fire! I had dumped a bucket of ashes from the wood stove that I left outside overnight to cool. Shortly before leaving I emptied the can on a gravely area and it turned out that there were burnable materials under the gravel. The fire was burning the pitch on the pine tree as well as some dry leaves nearby.  This was not a rake-sized fire so I called 911 and about 8 minutes later the new mini pumper was on the scene. Frank took fire extinguishers and was able to quickly keep the fire from spreading. A few minutes later Les was there with the big truck and it had a reserve of water. In a short while all was out and the great volunteer fire department of Grand Lake Stream had done a job they were trained to do. Many other volunteers helped and special thanks to all the members who help keep our community safe!!

If you missed the great program by John Dudley this past Friday at the Historical Society meeting, it was a fascinating talk.  He gave a most interesting  history of Route 9. He shared his extensive research and passion for storytelling. One story was about a group of investors in Calais who partitioned the U.S. Postal Service  to have mail from Bangor to Calais delivered by stage daily  for $5000. To run the stage   daily the story behind “Breakneck Hill” happened when a stage driver going from Calais to Bangor lost control of the horses on a downhill run and fell off resulting in his death because of a broken neck. 

Since early times people wanted to find a route by water from the Penobscot to the St. Croix. It was hoped that this would draw people to settle in the area. Getting settlers was a long slow process because of the extreme remoteness of the area.  Many other stories were recalled and the audience took a very active part with questions and additions of their own to make the talk so special!  Downeast Lakes Land Trust would like to thank John Dudley for an excellent presentation on the history of “The Airline” this past Friday night.  His storytelling and passion for Downeast Maine history is remarkable and fascinating.  

We were able to attend the spaghetti dinner fund raiser in support of the 8th grade trip to Boston. Delicious food, lots of people supporting this event plus a fun Chinese auction. 5 stars and good wishes to the 8th grade in this effort!! When you stop at the Pine Tree Store Brinda has raffle tickets on the kayak that are also being sold in support of the trip.

The annual “October Fest” sponsored by the GLS ATV Club was held Sunday Evening at Chet’s Camps. Lots of great food, companionship and the warmth of a bonfire. Strong attendance added extra zip to the evening.

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