Marden’s Partners with Project Linus

Every year the Calais Mardens, as well as Mardens stores across the state of Maine, partnered with Project Linus to collect handmade blankets, afghans, and quilts to give to families that need them. The Calais Mardens had their drop-off on Saturday, October 21. Above are some of the beautiful blankets and quilts that were made and donated locally. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


As the weather changes and the days and nights get colder, many people go home to bundle up in their warm blankets. For many though, a warm blanket is not something they have the option to come home to. This is where the nationwide group named Project Linus comes in. 

Blankets provide security, reassurance, and reliability. It isn’t something most would think about, but just like Linus from Peanuts, blankets are almost like a best friend that is always there. 

For too many people, that security and reliability that we depend on can be abruptly taken away from them unexpectedly by illness,  disaster or through other means. Project Linus aims to give those families, children especially, a little bit of comfort when times are hard and the weather cold. 

Together with their volunteers, Project Linus collects handmade quilts, blankets and afghans to be given to shelters, fire stations, police stations and the like so they can distribute them to the people who need them the most.  

Mardens in Calais, like Mardens stores all over Maine, is a collection point for Project Linus. While they collect the blankets throughout the year, Mardens held a big collection day on Saturday, October 21. If you walked into Mardens recently and wondered why there were a number of blankets hanging from the ceiling this is why. Mardens hung some of the beautiful pieces that came into the store before they were collected as a way of honoring those that made and donated them.