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Cassie Oakes

 Report cards went home this week.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be the following week.  If you need an appointment with your teacher, call the school.

2nd and 3rd grades are still looking for parents and community members to come in and share a craft or talent.  Please call the school and set up a time to come share with the children.

Don’t forget that the front of the school is for bus loading and unloading and for emergency vehicles only.  Please park in the parking lot to the left of the driveway when pulling in to pick up your students. 

The 8th grade class is selling RADA CUTLERY.  If you would like to purchase some, see an 8th grader or call the office at 454-2623.

Don’t forget AES is part of Hannaford Helps Schools Program.  You can leave your receipts at the Trade Winds for Alexander Elementary School or send them to the AES office.  This program runs until December 2, 2017.

The AES Dragon Breath Garlic is ready for purchase.  If you would like to purchase some contact the school.

All Cross Country Uniforms need to be returned to AES as soon as possible.  If uniforms are not returned, bills will be issued.

Reading Night was held on October 23rd.  Parents and children were welcomed to come in.  While parents met with Sue Johnson to learn some reading tips, students went to the gym to hear a story and do a craft.  Reading is key to everything your child does.  If you read a recipe or a newspaper or even a comic book, it helps your child.

The AES annual Craft Fair was a huge success!  They had the most tables ever!  The gym was full and there were crafters in the hall.  A big thank you to the AES students who helped set up, without them the gym would have not been ready.  The gym was packed full all day long and lunch was a huge success.  Everything sold out!  The next thank you goes out to Mrs. Hill’s longtime kitchen help, Angela Hanson.  She can’t thank her enough for all her help over the years.  Ellie Sanford and Emily Runnels, your help for taking over for Angela was so appreciated, thank you ladies.  The next thank you goes to Troy and Kaylee Wallace and Mike Howell and Teagan Townsend, these four incredible people helped pick up at the end of the day.  They put all of the chairs and tables away, moved all of the lunch tables and bleachers back into the gym, and helped the crafters carry their stuff out.  Their help was without a doubt huge!  And last but not least, thanks to the crafters for always supporting AES. This is Mrs. Hill’s last Fair.  She is so proud of how it went.  Again big thanks to all who made it possible.