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Many folks in the area know that I love country music and that I am a huge WWE (wrestling) fan.  Not only do I love WWE I also enjoy our local wrestling programs.  My friend Ryan Michaels Colson is a Small Circuit Pro Wrestler from Harrington and wrestles with Global Independent Wrestling.  He also holds the Pine State Wrestling Title. Ryan may sometimes play the bad guy in the wrestling ring but he has a heart of gold.  A few years ago he started, Ryan Michaels Colson Cares, an organization that he runs to help others.  He regularly does wrestling fund raisers for those in need through his organization.  This past spring he did one of those fund raisers for a little girl, Hailey Steward.  Hailey passed away from a childhood cancer recently and this moved Ryan so much that he has started a Fight Childhood Cancer Tour, taking his gold flag (and his championship belt) with him every where he goes and posting pictures on facebook to bring awareness to this horrible disease.  Ryan was recently in Alexander and I was able to have my picture taken with him and his flag and his belt.  There is a video of us on the Randy’s Variety Facebook page if you would like to see it or perhaps contact him for a way you can help.  I am very proud to be Ryan Colson’s friend. Thank you Ryan for all you do for others.

There were recently more crowns for our Alexander girls. This time at the 2018 Miss Penobscot Valley Halloween Pageant.  

Grace Howard, daughter of Melanie and Travis Howard was crowned 2018 Miss Acadia Ambassador.  Ava Croman was crowned as 2018 Penobscot Valley Princess.  Ava is the daughter of Erica Pike and Jason Croman.

In April of 2017 Foster Carlow asked if John Dudley would help with the 2011 Property (tax) Maps that had numerous errors.  Even though John is old and slow, he agreed.  Foster also asked other towns people to be involved.  A copy of the property map is in the town office that John viewed many times.  This map is on 16 sheets plus an index sheet.  The format presented a problem because of the size of the sheets, and number.  Finally John asked Foster for a copy that he could study on a big table in their cellar.

Marie and John Dudley traveled to UMM and met with Tora Johnson at Geographic Information Services; Tora had done the 2011 property map based on information she had.  What did she need to make the corrections?

First: Property maps are based on documents such as deeds and surveyor’s maps.  Deeds must include descriptions of the land, not “being the lot John’s grandfather farmed.” 

Second: GPS readings are needed for each error on the 2011 map and for identifiable locations like road intersections.

Third: The map must match what exists on the land.

Fourth: Our information has to be organized and readable.

John Dudley’s plan became to do two sheets that is his neighborhood and take his corrections to Tora for her comments.  Next, John wants to study the 16 sheets and attempt to see what we didn’t give to Tora in 2007, ie., why the 2011 map has so many errors.  Then he needs to study the south tier of lots and determine their size.  Most lots in town are 160 acres, those Marie and John measured recently are 80 acres.  Were these lots surveyed that size in 1808?  How did the 1838 Damon set-off change the line between Alexander and Cooper?  How did the 1990 Supreme Court ruling affect that line?  How did the creation of Meddybemps in 1842 change our line?

Hopefully the volunteer committee will meet before Christmas and John can help them understand what must be done by August 2018.

There will be a Hunters’ lunch at the Grange on November 10th where veterans will be able to dine for free.  It will be a Crock Pot Buffet of all kinds of goodies, so you are sure to find something delicious for lunch and no one goes away hungry.  Lunch is from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

There will be a display about local veterans during lunch and the Veterans’ Book for Alexander will be part of the display. It should contain a complete list of all Alexander Veterans and will give a chance for additions and corrections.  

Good thoughts are being sent out to Barbara Haley, Judy Lincoln Murray, Charlie White, Elwin Daley, Linda Richardson, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Avis McIntyre, Carl Perkins, Joan Dodge, Lois Faloon, Mike and Marilyn Trafton and Ron McArthur.

Upcoming Birthday wishes go out to Shawn McVicar, Kyle Pyles, Kayla Pyles, Grazina Paegle, Luke Knowles, Coburn Wallace, David Davis, Frank Williams, Joni Beauchamp, Carly Davis and Chad Davis.

This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Joey Wallace.  Do you want to know how to be a Lucky Loser?  Stop at Randy’s and check it out. 

Monday, mom and I made a flying trip to Bangor to get my leg braces worked on and my wheelchair reprogrammed for speed, it had become very slow.  On our way back home we stopped and had some yummy pizza, a treat for both of us.  The rest of the week I was able to attend FBC, I got to meet my new caseworker Jeff.  Thursday we went to Linda’s Pizza and Friday ate out at Subway. It was a full and fun week. Friday night mom and I went to the Keys to Life Church in Calais and were able to hear The McGuire’s, a southern gospel group, who I enjoyed very much.  There was a bonfire, hotdogs and music.  

If you have any news you can email me at, message me on facebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Thank you to all of those who support me and this column. Until next time, stay safe.