Baileyville Looks at Sewer Billing Issue

By Kaileigh Deacon


At a town council meeting on October 23rd, the Baileyville Town Council addressed an issue with the billing of sewer bills for the town. When the latest sewer bills were sent out, they sent out bills for accounts that are no longer active that previously had been filtered out. There were sixty-one accounts which were billed which did not require billing. 

The TRIO program that the town uses for sewer billing experienced a problem that led to the bills being sent out, requiring that the town write off the accounts. The program would normally filter these accounts out as they are shut off or, in the case of Woodland Pulp, not required as their waste is managed internally. The town will look into what caused the issue and work to prevent it in the future. 

The town also worked out a decision on how to handle the partial year billing for the use of the Spednic Club field. In the past, the town would lease the field from the Spednic Club, allowing it and the schools the use of the field. The town opted out of the lease of the Spednic Club last December. In the past, the town would bill the Spednic Club for the taxes on the field, which the Spednic Club would pay, then the town would in turn issue a check to the Spednic Club for the same amount, leasing the field for town and school use. 

In a unanimous decision, the council elected to bill the Spednic Club per usual and would in turn reimburse them for half of the year for the lease prior to their opting out of the lease in December of 2016. The council also approved the blanket letter for the Spednic Club to operate games of chance as they have done in the past. 

Town Manager Richard Bronson advised the council that the payment to Baring for the land by the industrial lot was coming due at the beginning of November. The town reached an agreement with Baring and the state to move the Baileyville Town line out a little further to include all of the industrial park. 

The councilors also brought up the possibility of looking into acquiring an animal shelter for the town that would also allow for other uses. Prior to the meeting, Town Manager Bronson looked into the possibility of the old wreath factory on Maple Street. The location would allow space for the shelter as well as allowing ample space for other uses as well. With the approval of the Council, Bronson will pursue this inquiry as well as the consideration of other locations to bring before them as options. 

The town councilors held interviews on October 18th for the town manager position. They will review the applicants and their interviews and continue the process of filling the position. 

The Baileyville Town Council won’t meet again until after the elections on November 7th. The next meeting will be on November 13 at 5:30 at the Town Office.