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Sally Doten



It’s been a whole week since we’ve talked. Within the past week we got that much-needed rain. I was happy to have those precious drops put water in the well. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty turning the shower on full force and enjoying the hot water over my head. Now I hear there is another big rain coming our way tomorrow (Monday), the tail end of Hurricane Phillipe. Welcome to Maine, Phillipe, I promise to accept your raindrops if you promise not to have heavy, damaging winds. Deal?

Mary McLellan had successful heart surgery in Bangor last Friday. She is now in the cardiac care unit at EMMC. She expects to be home by Wednesday. Can you imagine such a quick recovery after having your heart taken out of your chest? They take out the heart, put you on cardiac bypass, replace the “broken” veins, put it back where it started, check to see if you have a heartbeat, take you off bypass, stitch you up, and send you home within a week. I would be such a wimp, they would keep me far longer and then be glad to see me go.

You will probably read this column on Wednesday, Nov. 1. On that date, as I said last week, Baileyville will be our official fire and police department. This service is not costing any money to the taxpayers because of an agreement between the two towns after a map defect at the Industrial Park was discovered. It’s a long story; ask someone besides me for details.

Dotty took me out to lunch on Thursday for a belated birthday treat. We ate at King China and it was delicious. Thank you, Dotty, for thinking of me.

Sending good wishes out to our daughter, Carol. She will be having knee replacement done at Maine Medical Center on Wednesday. Be strong; good luck!!!

Winnnie Demmons is again a patient at EMMC. She is having many medical problems of late. Get well soon.

Also returning home after surgery at St. Jospeh Hospital is Barbara Gibson. Barbara is very seriously ill and would appreciate a card. Thinking of you, Barb. Sending out get well wishes.

Congratulations to the Calais High School Volleyball Team. They are the State Champions. Emily Doten, daughter of Troy & Joni, is a member of the team. The Calais Fire and Police Departments were waiting for them to arrive in Baring on Saturday evening for a motorcade down route one, through Calais, and to the high school.

OK, I am “news” out. The above is all I know.

Have a wonderful week; stay well.