Letter to the Editor - St. Stephen and the Calais Free Library

In hand, my "St. Croix River Atlas" contains 25 self-drawn and historically connotated maps, very suitable for school children.

The atlas may be taken apart so each sheet is available to be duplicated for class sets. The design is easily  studied, colored, distance measured by scale or guided on field trips. In other words, it is a free multi-use resources.

Similarly, the St. Croix River Atlas" (towns) is available with  1881 G.N. Colby and Co. town plans reprinted with the courtesy of the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society and the Calais Free Library. This atlas contains maps of communities bordering the St. Croix River over 130 years ago.

Inspect and use these resources at the St. Croix Public Library, St. Stephen and the Calais Free Library.

Anthony Reader