Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


The weather was dry and then the rains came.  Many wells in the area needed a boost in their water levels so all of the rain is welcome.  The wind is a bit much, but at least the snow is not blowing around.  Hopefully we will have a few weeks before that happens.

Several townspeople got their deer on the first day of hunting season. One was Jesse Demmons who was lucky enough to shoot an eight point buck weighing about 200 pounds. Christine Morrell shot a smaller deer out back. Happiest of all, perhaps, was Luke Morrell who was able to get his first deer on youth day. I heard that a 34 year-old-woman was shot down state even though she was not even hunting.  Hopefully, all hunters and non-hunters will obey the regulations, wear orange and be careful in the woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Boomer were married in Rumford last weekend with many of Scott’s Woodland relatives attending the celebration.  The Boomers than went on their honeymoon to Florida and will reside in their house on the flowage (formerly Keith and Jean Spearin’s camp).  Good luck to the happy couple.

Four United Methodist Women from the People’s United Methodist Church in Woodland attended the Annual Meeting of the Northern Maine District in Old Town last Saturday. The project for the district was “Bags of Love,” which consisted of school supplies and other small items for hygiene. The ladies from Woodland, Iris Brown, Marion Hunnewell, Susan McCray and Rachel Hamilton, were able to take five full boxes for this project.

The Holiday Celebration will be held at the People’s United Methodist Church on Saturday, November 11. More details will be available next week.

I had a chance to attend the St. James Church craft fair in Woodland on Saturday.  The ladies served dynamites, Italian sandwiches and other sandwiches for lunch.  I had a chance to touch base with many of my former parents and had lunch with Bev Morrison, Linda McLaughlin and Nada White. There did not seem to be many people around that day so the ladies had some food left over to sell after church.

I am sending special hellos out to former friends this week.  All of them are hitting some bumpy road in the journey of life and need a word of encouragement: Pastor Randy Chretien, Marjorie Drotar, Mike Trafton, Marilyn Trafton, Linda Richardson, Anne Riddell, Ellen Johnson and Terri Wormell and anyone else who needs a lift.

Some Baileyville residents put on a successful benefit supper for the former Dragons who had to leave their places in Florida during the hurricane: Angela Robb, Rachel Torrey and Josh Curtis.  The residents of the Town of Woodland as well as those from surrounding areas are always willing to help others.

The intersection of Route 9 and Route 1 by the Big Stop is busy with construction and renovation projects. The former take out area is looking very good especially with the newly paved parking area.  The word on the street is that a specialty fish shop as well as some other enterprises will be opening there.  Across the street, a new Dollar General Store is beginning to take shape. All of these businesses should help the area.

Next weekend (Saturday, November 4) the two biggest craft fairs in the area will take place.  The Woodland Education Boosters will put on their fair with many crafters, a food sale and a luncheon in the Woodland gym.  On this same day, the Charlotte Craft Fair will be held at the Charlotte Elementary School on Rte 214 beginning at 9 a.m. This fair will feature many fine crafts and food and raffles sponsored by the Charlotte Fire and Rescue Department Auxiliary. Both local vendors and the auxiliary itself will have craft tables, a big bake sale and lunches available all day including fish chowder, bean plates, hot dogs and sandwiches.  A careful planner could attend both fairs and enjoy a lunch at either site.

In October the food pantry at the Labor of Love served a total of 444 individuals in 241 households. All of the contributions of local residents make a big difference in providing food to neighbors in need.  Volunteers are always welcome. Call Patti Loring at 853-0023 to help or volunteer.

Wednesday evening November 8, Stephen Sanfilippo will be singing as well as playing the banjo, guitar, harmonica and concertina in a program, “A Gleam off Paradise, Songs for the a Sea-Gazed Wanderer” at the Pembroke Library.  The program will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be followed by refreshments and conversation.

On Saturday, November 4 the next great monthly breakfast will be held at the Parish Hall in Dennysville. This breakfast offers several breakfast  items and no one leaves hungry.

The window at the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church is in place although the repairer is still finding problems with the surrounding woodwork as happens with many old buildings.  The second window to be repaired has been chosen but the money for the repairs is not yet available.  Any donations for this project may be sent to Helen Brooks or Ann Carter.

Enjoy your November. A quick warning that the mornings are getting cooler and there may be some ice glazing on the roads.  Drive carefully and stay safe.