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Sally Doten



It’s Monday evening, November 6, 2017 and these are the few things I know.

• It’s raining our and I am grateful for those tiny drops.

• On Tuesday I worked at the polls. Did you vote?

• Our daughter, Carol, is recovering nicely from her knee replacement surgery.

• Our nieces, Emily and Alexis Doten, are straight A students.

• Mark Olsson has been in town and split wood for his mom.

• Mary McLellan is home from EMMC. She had successful open-heart surgery.

• Baring Baptist Church will be hosting area veterans on Saturday evening at 6:00. Please attend to show your respect for those that have served our nation.

• Jim has been having extensive medical testing at Calais Regional Hospital. He is having difficulty with his breathing.

• Grandson Dale Wunder was here from Holden and enjoyed some days hunting with the guys at Howard Lake.

• Sending good thoughts to Neil Bohanon, Bertha Johnson, Kaloua Cookson, and all those with health problems.

• And that, my friends, is all I know.  Have a great week, stay well.