Communities Celebrate Halloween with Events

Celebrating Halloween at the Washington Place are (left to right) Stacey Wescott, Genny Foss, Gracie Johnson, Activity Director Linda Andrews, and Taylor Shain. Residents voted to put together a haunted house for the first time ever at the facility. (Photo by Lura Jackson) See page 27 for more photos.

By Lura Jackson


This Halloween proved to be a memorable one for many community members in the extended Calais area as organizations rallied to put on a number of events for children and adults alike to enjoy. Some events have become annual favorites while others were held for the first time this year.

In Calais, costumed individuals of all ages joined in the traditional Halloween parade organized by the Calais Free Library. This year’s turnout was sizable, particularly considering the rapidly dropping temperatures, and attendees enjoyed seeing how everyone chose to dress up.

At the Methodist Homes, residents greatly enjoyed transforming the recreation center into a haunted hall. Approximately 200 children come to the event each year, where many residents dress up themselves and hand out candy to local youth. Attendees also had the option of enjoying a complementary chicken burger to help balance out the sugar rush. “It makes us feel young,” one resident said. 

Washington Place had its first ever haunted house, an event that was voted on by residents. One of the rooms in the facility was decorated for the occasion and volunteer Taylor Shain played the role of a young woman that had escaped from an asylum. Many of the staff and residents dressed up with residents donning costumes to transform into the likes of vampires, scarecrows, and more. One resident, Grace Johnson, dressed as a grandmother carrying around a grandbaby, and Activity Director Linda Andrews played the role of a witch trying to steal it throughout the day. “The witch has been trying to take my baby!” Johnson said with a playful smile. At one point after a successful snatch of the doll, Johnson gave chase down the hall after Andrews. The residents – approximately 70 percent of which participated in the haunted house – greatly enjoyed going through the haunted room themselves and by mid-afternoon they were eagerly awaiting the incoming children who would take the tour. “Then we will hear the screams when they go through,” said resident Amelia. “That will be fun!”

In Alexander, a trunk or treat was held at the Town Office and candy was handed out in significant amounts to delighted children at the grange hall. Grange members reported having as much fun as the children did and are already looking forward to next year.

Baileyville offered a bevy of events for community members to attend, including the annual Spednic Club’s Shell-out and the ever-popular Halloween party at Woodland Elementary School, sponsored and organized by Michael Boies of the Woodland Recreation Department. Children enthusiastically engaged in games, won prizes, and consumed copious amounts of candy as part of the festivities. At the Woodland Manor, residents handed out candy to guests and the Woodland Baptist Church held its own trunk or treat.