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Linda Baniszeski 


Greetings from windy, rainy and gray Meddybemps on Monday.  We are abundantly blessed with all of the rain over the past month or so that has restored many private wells and increased our lake level by several inches.  It has been especially beneficial in easing the threat of dangerous forest fires during the past many dry months.  

Happy Birthday to Terry Reynolds on November 11.  We trust that his family thoroughly honored and celebrated him, especially considering how generous he always is to everyone else on their special occasions.  Perhaps the newest update to Terry’s property is a birthday present to himself.  His driveways are now completely hot top paved.  His place has turned into quite the estate.  

November 10 is the anniversary of the founding of the U. S. Marine Corps in 1773.  November 11, of course, is Veteran’s Day.  The state of Maine is among the best of all at honoring its military members and veterans.   Thank you to all of the military veterans of our area and to our US Border Patrol and Immigration officers for keeping our borders secure. Were it not for the willing service, bravery and sacrifice of our WWII veterans, we would be speaking German on the East Coast, and Japanese on the West Coast.  We can never forget, or fail to honor, those who have and do risk their lives and others who died for the freedoms we continue to enjoy today.   Per capita, Maine has seen more of its natives serve and give their lives in defense of America than any other state.  It is a proud heritage.

Wildlife continues to be on the move.  It appears to be somewhat confused with the odd weather patterns and seesawing temperatures and conditions.  Driving home along the top of New England from upstate New York to Maine, I saw a large flock of snow geese gathered on Lake Champlain in Vermont.  This is the time of year we used to see them in Pennsylvania, resting on an area lake while migrating south.  This might indicate the migration is about a month behind schedule from other years.  We still have our black ducks floating around in the lake in front of our home.  Just this morning, there was a lone loon diving for fish in the same area.

Early Sunday morning, a small flock of dark brownish gray birds were pecking away at seeds from some dying flowers in our flower garden.  I was not able to identify them.  They appeared like smallish brown doves, but nothing in my bird books looked like them.  These mystery birds ate their fill and have disappeared.  Perhaps it’s some breed also migrating that had a rest stop in our yard.  

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Blessings to all.