Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


The rains came and the winds blew and so it continues. The experts are forecasting cooler weather for the coming weekend. Last weekend brought the residents of the St. Croix Valley great weather for the many craft fairs and the reports are that many people took advantage of the many events taking place in the area.

The People’s United Methodist Church of Woodland will be having their craft and bake sale, candy table and luncheon this coming Saturday, November 11. They will also have a white elephant table with a Christmas theme.  It should be a good chance to meet your neighbors and socialize.

The community was saddened to hear that Gordon MacArthur passed early Tuesday morning at the Veterans’ Hospital in Bangor.  He has been in poor health for quite some time.  Our sympathy goes out to his friends and family.

Josh Rice, a former Dragon, also passed this week. Josh and his family lived on Palm Street near my swamp while he was growing up. After taking the culinary arts course at Washington County Community college, he was the chef at the Motor Inn.  Every time I saw him, he had a smile and a good word even though he has not been in good health for some time.  Our sympathy goes out to his family, many friends and classmates.

My turkey returned for a farm tour twice last week.  The two adults seem to have moved on and what remain are the nine original babies.  They do not look like babies now as they have had a good summer of farm food.

I hear there are still residents in mid-Maine who have not yet received power after the storm.  When I went over the ridge yesterday, I saw where a few trees had come down and had been moved to the sides of the road.  Once again, we did not have as many problems as some other parts of the state.

Thanksgiving meals are getting closer.  Cooks that want to save time and buy their pies this year will need to get their orders in soon. I think I will buy at least two this year.  Then I will only have to follow the family tradition of baking a custard pie while the electricity flickers off and on.

The great news from the Charlotte Craft Fair is that the income was around $4,000 for the Charlotte Volunteer Fire and rescue Department.  Several of the usual workers were ill, but still the craft went off quite well. This auxiliary with help from the community and other volunteers really save the tax payers of Charlotte many tax dollars.

The Sewell Memorial Church in Robbinston will hold a special food Sunday for the Labor of Love Food Pantry on Sunday, November 12 at 4 p.m. This will be a special thanks and blessing service.  I believe the members are concentrating on bringing peanut butter, but any food would help out.

The Festival Choir sponsored by the Dennysville Congregational Church rehearsals will begin the Thursday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.  The Lessons and Carols service is planned for Friday, December 22 evening at 7 p.m.-if the weather cooperates.

Special hellos and good wishes are being sent to all of those in poor health at this time.

Stay safe and have a good week.  This is the first morning Lulu and I had to skate over the deck.  Watch out for surface ice as the temperature drops.