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October weather summary: Excessive warmth dominated October. The monthly mean temperature of 54.5 degrees was an amazing 7.0 degrees above normal! This was easily the warmest October, even historically! It smashed the old station record of 50.8 degrees set in 2014, and easily beat the warmest October in historic records of 53.0 degrees set in 1947 (70 years ago)! This October was actually 0.8 degrees warmer than the coolest September (1995)! Maximum temperature of 78 degrees occurred on the 4th, while the minimum of 31 degrees occurred on the 17th. First freeze of the season occurred on the 13th. Total growing season length was 170 days. This falls just short of the longest growing season of 171 days set in 2013. There were 319 heating degree days or 218 below normal. Total since July stands at 498 or 315 below normal. There were 2 cooling degree days or 2 above normal. Total for the season stands at 232 or 39 above normal. Warmest daily minimum temperature of 62 degrees on the 25th was an October high beating 60 degrees set October 1, 2010.

Drought conditions prevailed through the 24th of the month, this being the worst drought since 2001 (16 years ago). Then came the storm of the 25th - 26th which erased the drought overnight. Total monthly rainfall of 7.55 inches was 1.92 inches above normal. Total since January stands at 46.98 inches or 2.82 inches above normal. Maximum daily amount was 3.44 inches on the 25th. This is the 2nd highest amount for October beaten only by 3.96 inches on October 20, 2012. Storm total of 5.95 inches fell on the 25th - 26th This was the second highest for October beaten only by 6.50 inches on October 8 - 11, 2005. There were 7 days with measurable rainfall.

Highest barometer was 30.69 inches on the 3rd. This established a new October high which beat 30.66 inches set October 5, 1996! Lowest barometer of 29.26 inches occurred on the 30th. Mean relative humidity was 78.2 percent. Lowest humidity was 30 percent on the 18th (red flag warnings that day). Prevailing wind direction was southwest with an average speed of 3.4 miles per hour. Peak wind gust was 45 south on the 30th. There was one day with winds 40 miles per hour or more. There were 10 clear days, 10 partly days, and 11 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 54 percent. There were 2 days with dense fog (9th and 10th).

Windstorm of the 30th: while there were a few downed trees and a few scattered power outages, wind damage here was rather minimal compared with southern and western Maine. Storm damage was much lighter than the last major wind event which occurred in July 2014.