Union Veterans of The Civil War

Help is currently being sought in finding the grave site of the last Civil War Soldier to pass away and is buried in Washington County. Perhaps members of the several Washington County historical societies might have the answer. Or perhaps a descendant of a Civil War Soldier might know just where that person might be buried.

 “The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War” ( SUVCW) is seeking community help to identify the name of the last surviving veteran of the Civil War in each county of every state.

The SUVCW, Department of Maine is a not-for-profit patriotic organization whose purpose is to carry on the mission of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), the largest Union Veteran’s organization. The Department of Maine was founded in 1883 and currently consists of four camps with members found throughout Maine. For more information please go to www.suvcw.org or www.suvcwmaine.org.

The purpose of the project is to locate and appropriately decorate the final resting place of the last Civil War Soldier buried in each county.

Special recognition with town and family biographical information is also anticipated. 

To date the last Civil War veterans of 10 of Maine’s 16 counties have been identified. The last Civil War veteran from Washington County has not yet been identified.

If anyone has information to share in support of this project, it would be greatly appreciated!   

Questions, comments and information may be sent to paul_maine08@yahoo.com and/or sent to

Paul Berry,  6 Hathorn St., Richmond Maine,  04357   Any and all information is welcome!