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Sally Doten



Another week, another column. What can I think of that you might want to know, or maybe, you already know. 

Today is Monday and I’m sitting in my recliner with laptop in hand. I was in Bangor all day and it was COLD!!! I was sure it would snow before I got across the Airline. As I got closer to Washington County, it was warmer by 2 degrees. 

Did you know that the Baring Division of the Moosehorn Refuge hosted the annual Ghost Half Marathon on Sunday? Well neither did I. Greg Smith finished 11th overall with 48 runners. This is the fourth year for the race. Guess what? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Just a little behind the times. 

Congratulations to Jacob Hornbrook. He shot a nice buck last week. Now I just bet his mother will be making mincemeat. Is that right, Brenda?

Want to hear some good gospel music? Come to Second Baptist Church on Saturday evening and be entertained by “Heartsong.”

The Veteran’s Service at Baring Baptist Church was well attended on Saturday evening. I enjoyed listening to all the military and patriot music. After the service we were served some very delicious homemade pies. Thank you to Pastor Bobby and Sherri Oliver.