Our Elaine. A mom, grandmom, sister, friend and so much more.

Her nose was usually in a book if not working on a crossword puzzle. And as ever, a smile for everyone.

She made crocheted bedspreads for all her grandchildren (15) and a first-time quilt this past summer that did not get completed. 

She did the very best she could in all of life’s situations. She loved her husband Jim, adored her parents Nick and Thelma. She was devoted to Debbie, Rick, Linda, Brenda and Chris. She would buy the best for her children while denying herself a new leather purse. 

Her favorite saying before any given subject was "I had to laugh." You who knew her can easily remember that. 

She leaves 19 great grandchildren and an empty heart in all of us. 

Burial will be held in Calais in the spring.